Wednesday, February 23, 2011

365/54 Okay this was a surprise

I have a nasty cold/sinus infection. I’m not sure which it is but it is no fun.  I went to the doctor today thinking I would get some antibiotics for a sinus infection but was told that the pain in my face might be cased by a slightly dislocated jaw hinge! What?  “How can this happen?” I asked him.

1- yawning widely (maybe)

2- Clenching teeth in your sleep (dentist thinks I do this)

3- firm pillow (yep)

4- sleeping with your hand under your face (yep)

And doing the last three all at the same time could make this happen.  Who knew. It just happens that I also have a stuffy head at the same time; not connected to the jaw pain.  His solution is for me to take Ibuprofen throughout the day,  a muscle relaxer at bedtime, sleep with a softer pillow,  give it time {up to month}, and be careful what I eat {hard food will make it hurt more.}

The pain is mild to annoying most of the time but chewing seems to be the worst. Not good, a girl’s gotta eat!  Protein shake anyone?  Can you combine a muscle relaxer with Nyquil?  I think I’ll skip the Nyquil for tonight and suffer with a stuffy, I can’t breathe nose.


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