Saturday, February 19, 2011

365/50 Greer Bros. back in action

For those who don’t know, I’m in training for the Bayshore marathon in Traverse City at the end of May.  I’ve been diligently logging my miles during the week with a long run each weekend. 

For this weekend’s run, my brother Michael and I (a.k.a Greer Bros. Racing) signed up for a race in Mt. Pleasant, the Ice Cube Half Marathon.  The picture below is the long sleeve t-shirt that I received for signing up.

The weather was a little windy (15+ mph winds at times) making it a little cold (with wind chill, it felt like 10 degrees).  Overall though, it was really sunny and there was a good turnout for this time of year (140+ people) so it was a great day for running.  But then again, what day isn’t a great day for running?

This is my 3rd 1/2 marathon in the last 3 years but my first road race (previous 2 were trail races).  And the miles I’ve been putting in this winter are paying off.  It’s not apples-to-apples to compare the trail races to this one but overall, I think I still ran my best race at this distance yet.  I was able to maintain a fairly consistent pace throughout, ran a little faster overall than expected, and was able to finish strong.  The strong finish is owed in part to a couple of guys that past me about mile 8.  I kept them in my sights the whole rest of the way and even tried to catch them in the last couple of miles.  Unfortunately for me, they still had some kick left too and I didn’t quite catch them even though I ran about 20-30 seconds/mile faster the last 2 miles.  On the bright side, I did pass 3 other people while chasing those 2 guys so I maintained my relative finishing place.  For someone who hates to be passed, I have to take solace where I can find it.

Official results aren’t posted yet but I ran a 1:54 and Michael ran a 1:59.  I’m not fast enough to be competitive for my age group but Michael is, so there might need to be an update to this post to link to the results if Michael placed high enough.

Note to Ed B. – notice this is a picture of me NOT in a sweatshirt.  Inside joke…


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