Sunday, February 6, 2011

365/37 Steelers still rule!! (next year for sure)

Today’s picture is of my buddy Tate and myself watching the Super Bowl at his house.  Tate and his wife invited our family over to watch the big game and let the kids run amok.

Other than the outcome of the game (31-25 Green Bay victory), it was a great time and we’re glad to have such good friends to spend time with.

In all honesty, I probably would have felt bad (at least for a couple of minutes) if the Steelers had pulled out a victory in the last 2 minutes because they really didn’t deserve it.  You can’t have 3 turnovers of your own while not forcing a single turnover (where was the real Steel Curtain defense?) and expect to win.

There’s a couple other bright spots in this cloud as well.  My buddy Zack is a die hard Packer fan so I’m happy for him.  And the Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl win and MVP trophy should remove any doubts of those in Green Bay thinking that Brett Favre should still be their QB.


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