Sunday, January 30, 2011

365/30 Oops

This evening I was sorting through a pile of paperwork. When I came upon a packet from the city about garbage and curbside recycling. I flipped through, wondering if I needed to keep it, and fell on the page that looked very similar to our curb on garbage day last week. Garbage containers sitting  on snow piles with a big red DON’T under it. Oops! I had noticed that the neighbors cleared space for their bins but I thought they were just ambitious with their snow blower.

I sent the kids out to fix the blunder ASAP.  They claim it is done but it was dark by the time they finished so I have to check in the morning if it will meet city standards.  It’s one of the differences of living in the city, having these little rules to follow.  But, having the extra time together as a family is worth the little bit of effort.


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