Monday, January 3, 2011

365/3 Carpet drawings & Some good news

Syd’s newest thing is drawing on the carpet with her finger or a toy.  I do not like this carpet for a number of reasons but this is a reason to keep it around awhile longer.  I find these little drawings here and there and I always smile when I see them. We will call it Syd’s carpet art.


Syd’s speech therapist brought us good news this morning.  Syd has been accepted into a program at the ESA for children with speech delays.  Syd will get speech therapy 3 hours a day with other children that have similar hearing/speech problems as she does; it is present to the children in play and fun activities just like a preschool environment.

The only obstacle I can see is that she is a total mommy’s girl and being away from me will be an issue at least in the beginning for her.

Hubby and I are super excited  about this opportunity. We are very thankful that we moved to a place that can offer our littlest one this type of help, and the facility is less than 2 blocks away.

We are just waiting on a meeting date to be set so we can sign papers agreeing to the change in Syd planned therapy.

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