Friday, January 28, 2011

365/28 Covered in dogs & girls

This is a shot of my view from the shower this afternoon.  Room bathed in steam and the floor covered in dogs and girls.  The only dog we’re missing here is Pepper and she refuses to climb the stairs, I’m sure she is enjoying the time to herself on the first floor though.

We are keeping the cousin dogs for the weekend while my brother and his family take a much needed skiing trip.


CJ has taken possession of Brent’s dogs this trip. She has decided that they will sleep with her in her toddler bed tonight.  I tried to warn her that they will just take over that little bed and she would be on the floor but she insists. Poor Bailey has become CJ’s pillow. Every time Bailey lays down CJ plops down next to her, but I don’t think she minds one bit.

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