Thursday, January 27, 2011

365/27 Not a happy girl

When I sat down outside Syd’s classroom today to pick her up I heard her screaming.  I assumed they were putting her backpack on her {which she hates to wear}. But nope, they were dressing her to go outside in the snow. She does not like her snow pants and mittens either.

They had her and another girl go outside to play as a way to expose them to the things they are resistant to in a safe way.  Syd spent most of the 5 minutes crying and standing by the door but they did get her to venture out to the play structures.  But she was just not happy about it.  When they came in she ran into my arms like she needed saving.  I think this program is still good for her even if she does not like every thing they make her do right now.

 01272011 blog copy

Some changes we have noticed since she started the program:

She is babbling more and more, sometimes even making some sense. Yeah!

She is now more clingy to me when I leave her at school or at home.

She has stop obsessing over straws but has moved on to the socks in the sock basket {piling them up, carrying them around in baskets and tossing them in the air and letting them rain down upon her.} Not sure if that is an improvement or what but it is a change worth noting.

She is not so much a “tiger” when I comb her hair and she does not have a tantrum about it. Maybe that is because I refuse to let her go to school with ratty hair and now I comb everyday whether it needs it or not. {don’t think bad of me for not combing it everyday before as there are just some battles that are not worth throwing her into a tantrum over and she does not mind wearing a hat.}


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