Tuesday, January 25, 2011

365/25 all by herself

Mornings in our house are a bit crazy now that Syd has school most everyday. Syd usually sleeps through the alarm but CJ is always awake before me and is anxious  to get dressed. This morning I was pressed for time and hopped in the shower which made CJ upset that I could not dress her right away. I told her to start and I would help her finish after I was dry.
She struggled with the leggings; I gave her advice and encouragement from the shower.  After much fussing she cheered when she finally pulled them up.  Next issue was with the shirt; I told her to find the front and put her head through first and then her arms. After 2 attempts she had the shirt on. When I opened the shower curtain she was all dressed {the first time she has ever dressed herself from head to toe!} I told how proud I was of her.  She beamed and thank me and then said “You’re the bestest mom ever!” What a great start to my morning!
Oh another cute thing to come out of CJ's mouth this morning:
The parent/visitor badges at Syd school change color everyday and today they were bright yellow.  CJ's job is to get me my badge while I sign in each morning.  When she spotted the badges this morning she exclaimed “Look mom they matched the badges to my skirt today!”  She even thanked the Secretary for having them matching her today.
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