Sunday, January 23, 2011

365/23 Proud Member of the Steeler Nation

I live for the NFL season and, specifically, rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers (and I root for the Lions too).  I’ve followed the Steelers since I was a little kid.  One of my good friends was a diehard Cowboys fan so naturally I had to root for their nemesis, the Steelers.  30 years later, I’m still a fan and have even been to game in Pittsburgh (Dec. 2009).

Long story short, I was all decked out in my Steelers garb today (hoodie and hat) and even dug out my official Terrible Towel in order to cheer them on.

The 1st half of the game was great, with the Steelers dominating.  The 2nd half not quite so well, but they did enough to hang on to win.

Now, on to the Super Bowl in 2 weeks in Dallas.

Anyone know where I can pick up some Super Bowl tickets at a reasonable price??  I’m sure Moe would like to take a mid-winter vacation to the southwest Smile

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