Saturday, January 15, 2011

365/15 Paying job

Due to the fact that most of us had been ill this past week, the drive and walk ways were neglected and it had snowed on and off all week. This morning, we sent the older kids out to shovel.  They fussed about it, but we had no sympathy.  JD should really be thanking us though, as he received a job offer because he was shoveling the driveway.  The neighbor across the street stepped out and asked him to shovel their drive. His first paying job since we moved here!
Hubby note:  Jake did a very nice job on the neighbor’s driveway, making sure all the snow was all the way off the edge of the drive, removing as much of the packed down snow as possible, and going over some areas a 2nd time, just to make sure everything was just right.  Nice job!!
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