Friday, January 14, 2011

365/10-365/14 A very long week

The 10th- one long night

Syd came down with the stomach flu.  It start about 1:30 am. She had emptied her stomach by 2:30.  She refused to drink anything and dry heaved until noon. I slept on and off with her on the couch in hopes of not disturbing the others. Hubby stayed home to help me as I could not leave her; she was mainly plastered to my chest most of the time. At noon she dry heaved and then grabbed her juice cup, drained it, and climbed off my lap.  She was cured just like that and she knew it.  I wish I could recover that quickly.  She did go to bed early though.


The 11th- Bye-Bye Daddy

On Tuesday, CJ and I took Hubby to the airport for a work trip.  I was not feeling the greatest and the thought of the next few days without reinforcements was making me nervous.  But I figured I could medicate myself to function well enough at the needed things and let the rest wait for later.

Hubby had a 2-1/2 hour delay but arrived safe and sound.  CJ and I watch his progress online. When the kids got home from school, they asked if dad’s airplane was still on the way to the airport.  CJ stopped in her tracks and pointed at JD and said “No, his plane is almost to the yellow circle, I saw it!”  I got a chuckle out of that one.



The 12th-the ickies spread

Hubby texted me early this morning to tell me he was throwing up in his hotel room.  I felt so bad for him, he is on the other side of the country and stuck all alone with the stomach virus.

I woke feeling like I had been beat with a 2x4, everything hurt.  I thought my head was going to explode at any minute.  I think I either have one heck of a cold or I have influenza.  Goody!

The day just gets better and better…  Syd has diarrhea and JD calls telling me he feels ill and needs to come home after 1st hour! He spend the whole day sleeping on and off and telling me his belly hurts.  By 11 pm he is throwing up as well.  He slept the whole night on the bathroom floor.

I contemplated calling my Mom in at 4 am so I could get medical attention.  I was feverish and then freezing and in pain all over.  But I decided to give it to 6 am and by then the Theraflu had kicked in and I could function a bit better.


The 13th- The bright spot of the week

We had a rough early morning:  Syd woke me at 6 am with a messy diaper and a nasty diaper rash.  After battling her into the bath tub and then medicating her bum (all with my splitting headache) I had to get CJ to school and Syd off to her special event.

Syd had her visit at her new school this morning. I thought it was going to be scary for her but she seemed comfortable.  She walked around and played with toys and doodled in the drawing table all while being curious about the other children.  Monday may be a other story.

Hubby is better and out of his hotel room. JD is recuperating and will be back in school tomorrow.  I appear to be the only one that is still under the weather.


The 14th The best day of the week

I finally stopped taking Theraflu and took Advil and my headache is finally gone. I seem to only be left with a nasty cough and a rattle in my chest.  JD is back in school and Hubby is coming home. Yeah!

He was due to arrive at 10 pm but after delays on both legs of the trip home, I picked him up shortly after 11 pm.  All his delays were centered around Minneapolis airport and the snow.  His plane coming in to MSP had to do circles waiting for an available runway. His Flight out of MSP was  delayed about 90 minutes waiting on the tarmac for a clear runway as well.


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