Saturday, January 1, 2011

365/1 Our Big girl

CJ is starting the new year off in a big girl bed. She has spent every night since Christmas in her Hippo tent without wandering out and falling down the stairs in the middle of the night (my fear).  So I decided now was the time to remove  the rail and turn her crib into a big girl bed.  She was so excited when she went to bed tonight, she asked me why I broke her crib.  It was such an easy transition,  which surprised me.  I remember JD and MJ getting out of bed all the time and not wanting to stay put at bedtime; maybe it helps that I have given up on naps all together. At bedtime the girls are pretty tired and it does not take long for them to fall asleep.  CJ is now 95% potty trained and in a big girl bed; where has the time gone?


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