Friday, December 31, 2010

365/364 New Years Eve party

New location, new traditions…Our normal New Years Eve tradition is to sit around the house, waiting for the ball to drop in Times Square on CNN (see last year’s post of CJ and hubby reading magazines).  This year was going to be different.  We have some good friends that invited us to their house for a Halloween gathering and we decided that News Years would be our opportunity to reciprocate.  All together, we had 4 families, including our own, that gathered for some good games (Dominoes!), cards, and conversation.  The kids (all 11 of them) enjoyed their own festivities playing games in the basement.  A good time was had by all, except the littlest ones didn’t quite make it to midnight.  The picture below is of our friends youngest (“C”) all nestled in under hubby’s “Nuggie” that his Mom made for him when he was just a boy.  Thanks to everyone for sharing their holiday with us.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

365/363 The reinforcements

Hubby called in the reinforcements for the window install (was he reading my mind? not really my mind speaks loudly most daysSmile). He called on a family friend and his dad, they do this stuff for a living so we were in good hands.  They kids also liked this call as they got to play with their cousins all day while the work was getting done. 

By dark the windows were in and all that is left is clean up and trim (inside and out).  Hubby will be doing that so with work and marathon training it will take some time.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

365/362 My lunch companion

This pretty little girl joined me for lunch this afternoon.  Why is this any different than any other day you might ask?  She normally is an eat and run kind of girl; take a bite and off she runs.  But today I tried to get her to sit still for more than a few bites.  I was mildly successful; she ate a quarter of the grilled cheese before she bolted.  There is just so much for her to do to eat lunch with mom.Smile

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

365/361 Time for more Demolition

Hubby picked up 3 of our new windows yesterday. The largest one was damaged and they (Andersen rep) is going to repair it.  I helped unload them before I got really sick. That was not fun.

We taped up a plastic drop cloth to help contain the plaster dust; this stuff is messy. Now he has to finish removing the old ones and figure out how we are going to get the new ones installed; they are heavy!  I’m hoping he calls in reinforcements. 


Monday, December 27, 2010

365/360 Flu?

The morning started off pretty good and then the day just went down hill from there. I felt icky most all afternoon and by 5 I was throwing up.  I stopped throwing up at 10pm only to feel like a Mack truck hit me. I just hope it stops with me and the kids don’t get sick.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

365/359 Happy Birthday to me

Today I turned 30 somethingSmile I had a wonderful time shopping with my mom. We go Christmas clearance shopping nearly every year. After shopping I started taking down the tree. I laid out the Hallmark ornaments on the table and put them back in their boxes. JD wanted to hear his Darth Vader ornament one last time before it was wrapped up. I think I like putting them away as much as I like getting the ornaments out. All that is left is to haul it all downstairs in the next few days.


While I was getting ready for my mom to pick me up Hubby was on the phone with a friend, talking Fantasy Football, and I heard him sneeze. Then I heard him say something about bumping his head when he sneezed. A few minutes later I heard him say he was bleeding! I came downstairs to see this….


He was sitting at his computer and turned his head to sneeze and smacked his forehead on the back of the chair next to him.


It looked much better when we wiped the blood way


In case you could not tell from the previous photos he continued to talk with his friend on the phone. I stuck a temporary band-aid on the stop the bleeding. He definitely looked a bit silly. He might have a scar from this one though.

Hubby note: Moe won't fess up to this but she gets a chuckle out of every time I get a bump or bruise (as long as its not serious). When she heard me say I hit my head, she started laughing even before she saw it. It all goes back to one of our earliest projects just after we were first married. I was hammering a wall apart and one of the short studs fell down and bonked me on the noggin'. She enjoyed that thoroughly and has taken enjoyment from every moment of pain/misery I've had since then. True love.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

365/358 Favorite gift

We all slept in this morning, we did not open gifts until 9ish.  The older kids were waiting patiently on the couch for the girls to wake up. They were just looking at the wrapped presents trying to figure who’s were who’s. I don’t label them, each child gets a certain paper and only I know which wrapping belongs to each child. {none of JDs or MJ’s presents were under the tree though, they had to go a scavenger hunt for their presents} 

Santa brought the girls a hippo and a monkey tent which were not wrapped. When we brought them downstairs the tents were the first thing they saw and in they went.  I did not think they were going to come out to open gifts.  As soon as the gifts were opened CJ hauled all the new toys into her tent and played in there for hours.  She even slept in it for a nap and at bedtime.  I would have to say it is the favorite gift of this year.


Merry Christmas To one and all


christmas card 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

365/357 Merry Christmas Eve

Every year we get a shot of all the grandkids just before they get to open their gifts.  It is hard to wrangle  all 9 of them to sit and smile at 4 cameras all while they just can’t wait to rip open the gifts.  Syd wanted nothing to do with sitting there and MJ had the hardest time holding her in place. Lu was feeling a bit under the weather and just wanted to lay down and  CJ could not stop picking her lip.  The rest of them were blinded by camera flash and doing their best to keep smiling through all the yelling “hey look over here- smile” As they all get older it might get easier {finger are crossed}
It was a wonderful time laughing with loved ones and carrying on. It is great spending the holidays together. Thank you all for everything you are to me.  Moe

Thursday, December 23, 2010

365/356 Extra Surprise gift #2

This afternoon I gave MJ her extra gift.  She was completely thrilled with the prints I framed for her. They  are just  a couple wise sayings in girly silhouettes, things that every girl should imprint on her brain. Girl power!
We won’t get them hung until we remove the rest of the wallpaper in her room and Hubby installs the new windows. So maybe this summer….Smile

122310 122310 part 2

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

365/355 No more Fish bowl!

Finally I finished the drapes and my mom got her sewing machine back. {thank you for letting me borrow it}  The drapes were on my to-do list last week but never made it to my completed list. I actually thought I would never get them finished before the new year. But the best part is we no longer live in a fish bowl, Yeah! Taking all day to finish the drapes does have consequences though….


122210 part 2

CJ turns the couch into a horse and Syd hijacks more straws.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

365/354 Extra Surprise Gift #1

I surprised JD with a special present this afternoon.  He made a point to bring home some of his art work after I asked if I could see some of his work.  These are just mock ups of projects that he wants to do this coming semester.  They are 5x5 and I matted and framed them in 10x10 frames.  He was so surprised and thrilled with how good they look.  He even did a Vanna for me.


122110 part 2

Monday, December 20, 2010

365/353 Delays

We found out  last week that Syd’s surgery will be delayed a month.  The doctor has been called in to assist another doctor for brain surgery.  Our doctor is also off right now with a back problem and he is hoping to not need surgery to fix it. {us too}  We got rescheduled for Mid-February with a very small chance of being called in earlier if there is an opening.

This morning as I was rushing around trying to get myself and the girls ready for the Speech Therapist to arrive  the phone rang. The Speech Therapist is home sick today and won’t be able to come.  The receptionist does not know if she will reschedule this week or not.  I think not as school closes on Wednesday and the ESA follows the school’s schedule.   So Syd has been in speech therapy for 3 weeks and has only seen the speech therapist once so far. None of which if the Speech Therapist’s fault just how it has happened.

I am trying to look hard for a deeper meaning for the delays but I just can’t see how they are benefiting Syd.  In the grand scheme of life these small delays are nothing to sneeze at and I should just not worry about them, right? 


The girls were dancing to Christmas music; they are happy girls today.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

365/352 in need of hot chocolate

As soon as the girls got up they wanted to play outside.  I got them to eat breakfast and play a bit inside hoping it would warm up  some, I was not looking forward get them dress only to undress them within minutes.  This is CJ first time this year playing in the snow.  They stayed out there nearly an hour before I heard banging on the front door. I opened it to find all three on the porch, CJ was red faced and smiling as she said “we’re coming in, we are cold and need hot chocolate.”


Saturday, December 18, 2010

365/351 Happy Birthday Brent!

Happy Birthday dear brother!

We had dinner with Brent’s family and my parents this evening and brought home Lu for a sleep over.  That gave Brent and Heather time to shop and get their Christmas shopping done with. I guess I was not the only one to wait for the last minute to get my shopping doneSmile

CJ wanted so badly to hang out with the big girls tonight.  She was tired and fussy, which made playing with her very difficult for Lu and MJ.  After many many chances she was whisked off to her own bed with the promise that we would try again the next time Lu stayed over.


Friday, December 17, 2010

365/350 Treat delivery

After school today the kids delivered the treats we made for the neighbors.  All were home but one, we will have to keep an eye out for their car this weekend.


JD was super excited to get the deliveries done as he has plans for the night and can’t wait to start them.  He is having a friend from Gladwin over for the night.  He has had a busy social life since moving here, I wonder if he realizes just how much he is getting to do because we live so close to everything?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

365/349 What a Face

Today is CJ’s last day of school for this year and she is having a holiday party.  School parties mean dress and fancy shoes to her; so we dressed her up. She looked completely adorable and she knew it.  But why this face you ask?  She was anxious to show Syd her pretty skirt but Syd was still sleeping and I would not let her wake Syd up.  I asked her to wait on the stairs while I started the van to get it warmed up.  When I returned this is what she was doing; pouting. 


When I told her we could wake Syd now this is what I got from her:


What a faker!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

365/348 Feeling the holiday pressure

I’m feeling the pressure today. My mind was feeling scattered at my to list and the deadlines looming.  I started putting my “projects” on the dining room table to helping me get a grip on reality.  I stopped at 4; they will surely take me the rest of the week to finish.


My list looks like this:

  • Hem & hang more curtain panels{since removing the old ones we live in a fish bowl}
  • Finish filling 12 containers of goodies for neighbors, friends & teachers {under estimated just how many bon bons the family would consume! I need to make another batch}
  • Send out the 70 or so Christmas cards {labels are printed & the envelopes are stuffed but need to put them together}
  • Fix the “W” from my “Snow” letters {someone slammed the basement door and it fell and broke}
  • Wrap presents that I have {still need to shop for my 4 kids yet-where has the time gone}
  • Pay bills {they don’t stop for the holidays, darn it}
  • Paint the “blue” bath
  • Hang the wreath & put up outdoor lights {it has been too cold, maybe I will just skip it this year}

And still do all the normal daily stuff {the never ending laundry, feed the family, dishes, keep the house semi-tidy, shuttling kids to and fro, sleep} Plus CJ is in full blown potty training mode.  Some days are great but today she soaked the carpet 3 times and it is not even noon yet!  I have a dog with a limp tail & she whines if it gets touched.  Is it “broke”?  I’m not sure but I’m dreading hauling her to the Vet to find out. The older kids are anxious for the dog to get better/fixed which adds to my stress.   Oh and Hubby wants me to do all the above without breaking the bank.  I want to just get through this years without being crabby, so far today I have failed at that.  Maybe some bon bons will help with thatWinking smile

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

368/347 Sleepy heads

This morning I woke early and snuck downstairs as to not disturb my sleeping companions. I actually got to eat breakfast by myself and while it was still warm. 

Usually I just get downstairs and put down toast when I hear the dog shake her collar and then they both are in front of me.  I’m never sure who woke whom but the results are the same either way.  The dogs need out and then right back in, CJ wants to get dressed for school, go potty and a drink.  And my toast sits in the toaster getting cold.

I even got in a shower before these sleepy heads woke up. What a great surprise.


Monday, December 13, 2010

365/346 My surprise

After I got back from my moms last night I got a surprise Christmas gift from Hubby.  I sort of ruined his surprise a bit though… 

When I walked in the house CJ was anxiously trying to hand me a small tin and telling me she had a surprise for me.  Well, she  does this often; sticking small trinkets in containers and offering them as presents.  So I did not think much of it. 

As I was getting my coat and boots off she kept trying to give me the tin all well everybody was talking over each; Hubby was trying to convince the kids to help him shovel the driveway {typical in our house}.

I finally took the box to get her to stop pestering me about it.  It was heavier than I expected but did not think much of it.

I opened it and said “Oh look, it is MJ’s Itouch” and set on the counter and walked away.  I was thinking why does she have MJ’s Itouch but did not stop to inquire further.

CJ followed me down the hall and I helped her go potty, then walked into the living room to see Syd.  There was toys all over the place so I started picking them up. 

All the while Hubby and the older kids stayed in the kitchen.  Hubby said the phone is ringing repeatedly and I did hear a unusually sound but assumed it was MJ’s Itouch alerting her to something or a game. 

I was chatting away to CJ and Syd and not paying much attention to what was going on in the kitchen.

Finally Hubby said “Moe, are you coming in here anytime soon?” 

I thought, why does he want me in in the kitchen so badly.

When I walked back in the kitchen MJ held up her Itouch and pointed to the tin  on the counter.

I felt silly for not getting it sooner.  I babbled something like- “Who gives a 3 year an Iphone in a tin? Why would I ever think CJ would have an Iphone! Where is the box and the stuff that comes it in? It is not Christmas Yet.”

I finally thanked him and gave him a smooch.  He likes to catch me off guard when he surprises me. And it usually runs smoother than this one did.


I officially made it my phone today and it now has my number and not the home phone number. I also ordered a case, screen protectors and downloaded apps.  I will never get my to do list done in time for Christmas if I keep playing with the darn thing!

Thank you again Hubby, I love it!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

365/345 The places he can fit

Today I was my brother’s “sou chef” of construction. He was installing a counter over moms washer and dryer, hanging cupboards and put drawers under the washer and dryer.  Mom’s washer and dryer has always been in a closet in the kitchen but since getting the front loads the doors could no longer close.  It has always been a tight fit but now with the larger appliance it is super tight.  To hook up the dryer vent and plug it in Brent had to get in behind the dryer.  Now he is over 6’ with long arms and legs {monkey arms & stilts} I told him he was not  getting out of there and we did have to remove the counter so he could get out.  We had a ball with this project.


IMG_1341Us cutting in the cold basement


I got the biggest laugh at mom under the counter top. The counter is just about at her chin



Another shot of Brent getting out.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

365/344 Beginning to look like home

Things around here are looking more like home lately.  Other that decorating for Christmas I have also been busy trying to hang photos & home decor items. Hubby was shopping with his friends and was pleasantly surprised when he came home to see what I had done.   It make me happy to see our things on the walls.

121110Framed scrapbook pages in the stairway

IMG_1332The school photos in the hallway {they look a bit small for the space, they might get moved}

IMG_1334My favorite is the mirror in the dining room.

Friday, December 10, 2010

365/343 To Grandma’s House we go


Tonight we had to run up to our home town to drop off MJ to a friend’s house.  While we were up there Grammie fixed us a yummy lasagna dinner {thank you}.  Hubby left us to visit while he went to the pole barn house to thaw the pipes and wire more heaters. 

The girls love hanging out with Grammie in her recliner. Syd is a bit fussy about getting squished and does a lot of pushing and kicking; it can get a little rough. They both loved to get cuddles from Grammie though.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

365/342 A present for me

Today CJ came home from school with a wrapped gift.  They wrapped empty shoeboxes for practice.  She was so proud of her present, she could not wait for me to see it. She kept telling me that she put a surprise in it for me.  After lunch I heard her ripping it open in the living room.  When I asked her what she was doing, she told me she was getting my present ready.  I figured she just wanted the hinged shoebox to stash her treasures in. A few minutes later she came up to me like this…
and told me the she was my present. The tears started flowing.  What a sweet child I have.  She truly is a present to everybody she graces with her kindness.  I love you sweet little girl.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

365/341 Bon Bon Mania!

Editorial comment by hubby:

I don’t know if there’s any other Christmas food that myself and the kids look forward to more than Moe’s Peanut Butter Bon Bon’s (Grandma G’s fudge is right up there too).  I’m not sure if it’s the recipe or that we only get to enjoy them once a year but they create a craze in this house that’s hard to describe.  With the chocolate addiction that I have, Moe puts firm limits in place on my consumption or I would (and have in the past) easily eat all of them in about 2 days.  JD and MJ get really mad when that happens Smile.  They won’t share with me but CJ is still young enough not to know better; she shares her Bon Bon’s without hesitation.  God bless my kind-hearted little ones Smile.  Maybe we should have just one more ??  LOL, Moe will probably delete this comment before I get a chance to publish it.


The request for these sweet treats starts before Thanksgiving. The kids ask me daily “when are you making bon bons?”  MJ has talked them up so much at the bus stop that the neighborhood kids are requesting a taste.  JD has been bragging about them at the lunch table and requested a to go box for his lunch pals. Every year I make at least 2 double batches before the end of December and the family wants more every year. I don’t dare skip making these in my Christmas baking list; I would have a mutiny on my handsSmile 


Then and now

During our Christmas Card photo shot the kids were messing around and created a great moment for me.

They were in the exact position of CJ’s birth announcement picture!  It took a bit of coaxing to get them to stay put, but it was worth it.

then and now 2010

Wow, how time flies. Thanks kids for reminding me of this memory.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

365/340 Christmas Photo Out-take

We took photos tonight for the Christmas Card.  There was a few great shots but then with JD there is always many  outtakes. He loves to ham it up and get in other’s shots.  He was not the only one though; Syd was a very reluctant participant.  She refused to sit with anyone but me and I was the one snapping the photos.  JD and MJ got to be the photographers for most of the family shots.  Yes, we did try a family picture and it was mildly successful.  You’ll have to wait for the unveiling to see for yourself.


Monday, December 6, 2010

365/339 Therapy has started

Today Syd had her first visit from the speech therapist.  Syd was a bit timid at first and only warmed a bit to Stacy by the end of the session. We are in the getting comfortable with each other stage.  Stacy thinks that this stage will last for a few weeks before Syd will be comfortable enough to trust her. Knowing Syd that might not happen that fast, she can be stubborn.
The real work will begin after Syd’s surgery in Mid-January.  After that she should be able to hear better and talking should soon follow. CJ was eager to please Stacy and performed each tasked that was asked of Syd, including signing “done” and “more”.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday cards made easy

In the past years I have labored over my holiday cards.  From “designing” them to getting them printed correctly, it has been a real pain and I am truly running out of time.  But this year I have decided to make it so easy on myself and let Shutterfly do the work for me!  I know how easy their system is because I have used their pre-designed calendars for a few years now and have been very pleased.
They have hundreds of pre-design card templates from many artist ready for you to drop your photos in and go.  I have found  a dozen or so that I like and had  a hard time narrowing them down. I need to have a card with as many photos as possible because I will not be attempting a family shot again for a few more years.
Here are my top favorite templates.  {I just tossed in random photos as to not spoil your Holiday greeting from us & the bigger reason; I still have to take the photos for the card:0}
Option 1:
card a
Option 2:
card b
Option 3:
card c
Option 4:
card d

Have you ordered your cards yet? If not, I think you should take a look at Shutterfly. Their selection is great! You could look like you really have it all-together and order coordinating return address labels for your cards. Who does not like matching labels?

Are you a blogger too? Shutterfly is offering to give other bloggers 50 free holiday photo cards. Check out this link if your interested.
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