Monday, August 30, 2010

365/242 Granmmie wants more JD

This is what I have to deal with when I try to get this kids picture anymore, he hides, covers his face and is  just a plain pain the neck.  Grammie said she wanted to see more JD, she told him now that we moved away this was the place she comes to get the goings on about her grandkids. Well here you go Grammie, this is JD trying hiding from the camera yet again.

365/241 5 minutes well spent

This evening I closed the upstairs bath door and just could not stand it any longer.  I crossed my fingers and started ripping.  The inside doors if MJ, CJ and the upstairs bath were all papered to match the rooms.  As you can see from the photo it is very hard to detect that the door is even there and with busy wall paper it can be a bit too much.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it came off, it took longer to grab the camera and snap the photos then to actually rip it off.  All the door are solid wood and heavy, they also have a nice varnish that seems to resist the paste (I love these doors!)  I can't believe the difference the door makes, I can't wait to get the rest of the paper off the walls.  That job will have to wait until another day though. 

5 minutes well spent

The bath door looked to good I went ahead and ripped down the paper on CJ's door (pictured below) and MJ's as well.  What an easy task!   

Saturday, August 28, 2010

365/240 13.1 this morning

Hubby got up bright and early this morning and drove 2 hours just to run in the woods.  He ran a half marathon with his brother Michael.  It was trail race in Manistee National Forest (The Big M).  He finished in 2:24:10 and his brother finished in 2:30:02, not a bad time for either of them considering how hilly the trails were. (official results)   After returning home and taking a brief nap, he had enough energy to play "tickle" with the girls.

13.1 this morning 

Friday, August 27, 2010

365/239 Welcome to your new home

I picked up the dogs today from my brother's.  I really hate to say it, but I have been so busy and preoccupied with the moving in stuff that I have not missed them:(  After I brought them home I realized the layer of chaos that they bring to the family, maybe I would be a bit saner if we had less dogs (I'm just saying!)  I love them both and they do bring much joy to the kids so they can stay (unless Brent really wants to adopt the cousin dogs:) Just kidding kids. 

Welcome to your new home

On a side note, in case you missed the big blue diaper on Ruby, she went into heat this morning of all times. (cream carpet is not a good thing!!!)  Lets just hope all the male dogs in the new neighborhood don't come to visit us in our wireless invisible fenced in yard, the last thing I need is puppies!  I'm so calling the vet and getting her fixed!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

365/238 Reason #2

Hubby took the kids on a run/bike ride after dinner tonight.  Just walked out of the drive way and away they went, that would have not happened where we live before:)  Just too dusty of a road.  Another great reason to live in the city.  They just keep adding up.

Reason #2      

365/237 Space to spread out

We had Lu over for a stay.  She kept the kids very busy riding bikes and playing with toys that barely get used.  I laughed when the neighbors would drive by and looked into our yard, I'm sure it looks like we have a herd of kids.  Just wait until the dogs come home; let the chaos begin.  It was great that the kids could spread out in the basement family room and play without the girls getting into their stuff.  I do love having a basement to send the kids to when they get underfoot:) 

Space to spread out

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

365/236 Reason # 1

Tuesday Hubby went back to work after a week of "vacation".  He is now 10 minutes from work; he can come home for lunch and is home in plenty of time to have dinner with us.  This is one of the main reasons we wanted to move here.  
I have decided that until we get a non-carpeted floor in the dining room, we will all squeeze into the breakfast nook for all meals.  The kids are still too messy when eating to eat on cream carpeting. So tonight it was grilled burgers, corn and mac & cheese for the girls with everybody elbow to elbow. I wouldn't change a thing:) 
 Reason # 1  

Monday, August 23, 2010

365/235 Fleet Feet member

Today JD had his third Fleet Feet practice.  Fleet Feet is a local running club.  Cross country in the schools does not start until High school.  So for him to be able to run at the meets, he must belong to the club. He has, in past years, competed against Fleet Feet runners and they were among some of the faster runners at the meets they attended.  The coach is a runner herself and many parents run with the team at practices and meets.  This should be a competitive team of runners, just what JD needs to get him to run faster.  The only meet he is anxious about is the October Cedar Bend @ Gladwin. He says his Gladwin coach will give him heck for moving and running for another team.  I figured he would look forward to seeing his friends and there won't be many times that his new school and old school will compete together as they are in different sports conferences. I'm very proud of JD, he was very nervous about running here, not knowing anyone and all, but he has went to every practice and ran very well.  

 Fleet Feet member

Sunday, August 22, 2010

365/234 Shedding no tears

We lucked out and move in just before large trash week for our section of town. (this will be something to plan around for future projects, the fourth Monday of the month)  The carpeting and desk got  swift good-bye  from us and is waiting at the curb for the garbage truck.  

 Shedding no tears

Tonight we got the living room set up and watched The Gates together (it is  a surprising favorite of mine).  It was nice to sit for a hour and forget about all the stuff left to put away and just relax with the family. I look forward to life getting back the normal for us.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

365/233 Move in day

It is here, move in day! I'm exhausted from the last seven days of getting ready for this day.  I have packed for nearly a month and planned in my head of where things will go but now as I stand looking at this full truck I really could care less where is all goes. I just want it emptied:) 

 Move in day

We had so many people here to help us get this phase of moving done: Tate, Brent, Heather, Lu, Mackie, Patrick, Ivan, Mike and Steve.  Thank you all for the sweat you shed in getting it all in the house and for the brains & brawn it took to figure out how some things would fit through the small doorways. 

I want to apologize for all the stuff we have, Hubby keeps telling me we should have throw more away.  I figure the house is bigger and I might get to use some of the stuff  I have been hoarding all these years, only time will tell.                      

Friday, August 20, 2010

365/232 Hey, where's our stuff?

The truck is loaded to the gills and so is my van.  We are packed and ready to roll. Thank you Tommy, Tony, Kenny, Tate and Grammy for helping us load it all up, we could not have done it without your help. There are just a few things that we will be back  tomorrow for but 90% of our belongings fit in the truck.  The girls played outside, mostly in the truck, while we were loading and the first time CJ saw the empty rooms she said  "Hey, where's our stuff?" I had to laugh, what did she think we had been hauling to the truck:) 

 Hey, where's our stuff?   

Thursday, August 19, 2010

365/231 More visual appealing

Before shots of the closet door and the front doors glass panels.

And now after ripping the paper off the closet door and taking the yellow plastic panels off the door glass and replacing them with a frosted glass cling from Home Depot. 

More visual appealing

Not a bad use of my time. I breath a sigh of relief every time I see the doors. Now if the rest of the flocked paper comes off as easily I will be thrilled. 
Now home to pack the rest of the stuff, we get the Uhaul tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

365/230 The dogs last night

Tonight is the last night the dogs will sleep in this house. Tomorrow they get to vacation with Brent and Heather for an extended time. (Thank you guys for taking them)  We need to get a fence put up at our new house and get settled in before we can deal with dogs running the new neighborhood.  CJ has also started bunking with us, her crib and our bed frame has made the move (naps became a priority while we prepped the new house). Just  two more days!                
 The dogs last night

365/229 Hello Cable Internet

Today we got the Charter Bundle of cable and TV. Mark, our installer, spent way more time than expected getting us hooked up.  Older homes were not really built with this technology in mind.  We felt bad that our appointment ran over and fed him pizza.   Mark was smitten with CJ and comment that he would like to put her in his pocket and take her home to play with his 1 yr granddaughter.  She would have talked his ear off if we had let her:)

 Hello Cable Internet

This is a screen shot of the speed test of my pc in the kitchen.  Upstairs it was even faster.  Keep in mind that we are leaving a DSL connection that was supposed  to be 3 mg but rarely even went passed 2 mg.  So 14 and 15 mg is like lighting for us. The positive column for moving just keeps adding up.      

Monday, August 16, 2010

365/228 Looking for a nap

We all are tired and worn down.  We have been spending every day at the house trying to get as much done before Saturday, move in day, as possible.  It has been the most rough on the little girls, they go all day with no nap and then fall asleep on the 45 minute ride back home (just before bed time).  There is just so much to do and so little time to do it in. Let's not forget the heat, it has been so hot and humid.  It just makes dirty work worse.

 Looking for a nap

Sunday, August 15, 2010

365/227 Better than carpet

Today I pulled the carpet in the kitchen to reveal a teal floor with a mustard 1/2" inlay that follows the kitchen and nook perimeter. Not the floor of my dreams but it is better than carpet.  Hubby was voted down, he thought the carpet was in good condition and we did not know in what condition we would find the floor underneath so why risk it. Every women I told that the kitchen was carpeted agreed that anything is better than carpet in a kitchen.
When I was rolling it up for trash pick up I found small glass chunks embedded in the fibers from a past incident.  Even a vacuum does not like carpet in the kitchen:) 

 Better than carpet   

Saturday, August 14, 2010

365/226 Yeah! hardwood

We spent most of yesterday afternoon and today pulling carpet.  The two downstairs bedrooms have beautiful hardwood. We suspected hardwood in these two rooms from the very first time we toured the house because the closet floors were exposed hardwood. The thing we didn't know was in what condition they would be in. Perfect, they are in perfect condition, expect for the holes left by the staples. The best surprise, the stairs and the upstairs hall are hardwood too! There are tons of tack strips and staples to be removed now but it will be worth it. MJ  has turned out to be quite the staple puller.  
My biggest disappointment is there is nothing but sub floor under the living and dining room, so the carpeting will have to stay for awhile:(  Next is pulling kitchen carpet, yes the kitchen and the main bathroom are carpeted. YUCK!

Yeah! hardwood

Friday, August 13, 2010

365/225 We got the keys!

It is official we are now the new homeowners of the 1950's gem!  We signed the papers today that makes us the owners of two homes. {Know anyone interested in buying a 3 bdrm ranch in Gladwin, send them our way:} Now we have carpet to pull (praying there is a better floor underneath) & paper to remove (that will take awhile, hoping by Christmas to be done). It will be a long week before we are at "move in" day. Wish us luck:)

 We got the keys!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

365/224 The world's her stage

MJ snapped this picture and it is totally CJ.  She is singing into the broom handle.  This girl is such a performer; anywhere anytime.  Today it is a living room full of moving boxes tomorrow maybe a stage with an audience! The world is her stage!  She certainly doesn't lack for confidence :)

The world's her stage

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

365/223 Friday the 13th is good for us

Wednesday I got the call.  We are closing on Friday the 13th! No worries, it is not a bad sign for us, 13 seems to be a great number for us.  We were married on the 13th, Syd was born on Friday the 13th a mere 13 months and 13 days younger than CJ.  Also, she was born in the 13th year of our marriage.  Now we take possession of our "new to us" house on the 13th!  We are thrilled.  We found out Monday that the children of the deceased home owner were signing off prior to our originally scheduled closing date on the 17th.  I thought, hey why can't we close before the weekend? It took a few calls, I bugged the bank and the attorneys offices until they got all the paper work done in time for a Friday closing.  (I was a pest, a good pest:) 

Friday the 13th is good for us

365/222 The Joys of AC

I had to use this picture for the POD.  Both Syd and CJ stand over the vents nearly daily when the AC is on.  They love to see their dresses billow out.  Syd usually steps on and off in wonder as her dress puffs out and then falls back to normal when she steps away.  She may never remember doing this when she gets older. Our next house has AC vents in the ceiling, it will just blow her hair around:)

 The Joys of AC

Monday, August 9, 2010

365/221 Just call her Syderella

As I was typing up the post for yesterday photo's,  I turned to see Syd was "sweeping" the floors.  She kept at it for a good 30 minutes before CJ decided Syd was getting too much attention with this little routine and started singing the clean up song for one of her Nick Jr shows. What a cute pair they make.

Just call her Syderella

365/220 Family Reunion

Saturday we went to the Fitzpatrick Family Reunion.  There was a lot of people I never met , met when I was very young  but forgot and relatives I have not seen since the last funeral. 

Here is a shot of the cousins and spouses, all of us but one, RJ (in the white top, she lives in Alaska) live within 40 miles of each other but never get together.

Here is our kids, most of whom go to the same school but never knew they were related. I remember MJ coming home from school a few years ago and telling me that "this boy named Bryce keeps telling me we are related but I don't know him"  I assured her that yes the two of them were related, he was not telling her a story.  She exclaimed "But how can that be, he never come to Christmas at Grammie's house!" To her the only relatives she had were the ones she was sharing Christmas with.

The last picture is of my dad's siblings, sister-in-laws and cousins. I don't remember ever meeting my dad's  cousins  but I have corresponded via email with a few in my genealogy research of this side of the family. I guess the biggest surprise to me was that there are 3 of my Grandfather's sisters are still alive. One, Milly, looks so much like my Great Grandma Fitzpatrick.

It was nice to see everyone and I look forward to going next year.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

365/219 Getting there

Saturday Hubby and I spent all day cleaning and going through the stuff in the garage.  

We had just a ton of paint cans from 2 past house, this house and my past crafting days, all of which were not kept in optimal conditions. Some were already dried out (a blessing) and the rest we have to get a chemical to harden it so we can safely dispose of it. (and the house we are moving into has a shelf in the basement with paint cans, I now know why they left them, it is a bit of a pain the get rid of) We set a few out in the sun to promote drying out.

Hubby is starting to worry that we are going to have more to move than will fit in to U-Haul's biggest truck, and at 99 cents per mile making a second trip with the moving truck would be pricey.  I say let's wait and see what we can do, pack the biggest stuff first and the smaller stuff that don't fit we can always pack that in the van and make a few trip through out the weeks to come if need be.

 As far as the garage goes, it was clean enough we could have put a car in it for a brief time this weekend but now is is the staging area for the move.

Friday, August 6, 2010

365/218 Under the weather

Friday MJ came down with the crud.  She was achy, feverish, a bit nausea but hungry (?) and a lot whiny.  I think she brought home what cousin Lu had last weekend much to Hubby's horror.  He has a half marathon coming up in a few weeks and he is less than thrilled that anyone in the house is feeling ill.  With 6 of us, he is usually the last in the family to catch any bugs we get.  It usually takes a couple weeks for any bug to make it rounds in our house.  That would be really close to his race date.  When I texted him the news of MJ's sickness  he simply  typed "Great".  I can only image what else he was thinking:)

Under the weather

365/217 Ring around the Rosie

Thursday just before Hubby got home the girls were a bit wound up and started dancing around.  The dance soon turned into a game of ring around the Rosie.  CJ was the one to orchestrate the game, Syd was not so sure what to think of it and got her big ole lip going.  She can stick her bottom lip out like nobody else I've ever seen.  I snapped the picture just as she was starting to pout, believe me it can get much bigger.  

Ring around the Rosie

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

365/216 The braces are off!!

A mere 16 months after she got her braces on she now has a straight & beautiful smile. At an age when most kids are getting their braces put on she is all through, I guess losing your baby teeth early has its benefits.  Next week she will get her retainers and is required to wear them for 2 weeks all the time and then after that only at night (every night for the next 2 years and then most nights of the week for  the rest of her life).  The best news is she will start in her new school braces and retainer free! (less chance of losing them, replacement retainers cost $300.00)

 The braces are off!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

365/215 Diesel is King!

Posted by hubby...

 Diesel is King!
Finally...after only 20 months and 40,000 miles, I'm starting to see some "real" miles per gallon from my 2009 VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen.

For those of you who don't know my saga, I had a perfectly good 2003 VW Jetta TDI Sedan that averaged 48-50 MPG every fill up. I kept a record every time I filled the car up in order to keep track of whether the higher cost of diesel was saving me money or costing me money. That car was easily a cost saver.

But then, I fell in love with one of the new "clean" diesels and the allure of the Sportwagen led me astray from the humble '03 Sedan. I bought the Sportwagen on my birthday in 2009 and sold the Sedan the following summer.

The Sportwagen has never lived up to VW's billing as offering "mpg in the mid 50's for the highway", averaging from 37-40 mpg per tankful. And I had to drive less than 60, even on the highway to try to get that kind of mileage.

Today, however, was a good day with ideal conditions. On the way to work I actually saw the mpg for my trip hit 50.0 for a brief moment.

I just hope this is a sign of things to come.

The big downside is that, just as my mileage is starting to improve, my daily commute will soon go from 37 miles each way to 2 miles each way.


Monday, August 2, 2010

365/214 Kicking my feet up

After many days of packing at least a box a day, there is not much that I can pack without causing someone here more distress. I can't tell you how many times someone, including myself has wanted something that I packed up. So today I kicked back and rested, I even painted my nails a Sinful shade of red called Vamp (it looks darker, richer in person).  MJ commented that she has never seen my toenails painted and told her it because I can't remember the last time I painted my nails. I should do it more often because it made me smile every time I got a peak at my feet today.  

Kicking my feet up

I need to all the rest I can get right now, when Hubby gets home it is back to cleaning out the garage, Garbage goes tomorrow:)

365/213 The dreaded task

Sunday we started cleaning out the garage.  Can I say it is the last thing I wanted to do and have been putting it off for years and it shows. We got about a third of the way done before dark and set quite a bit out to the road.  It was too dark to take a picture so I waited until the morning and there was already a bunch of stuff missing (off to better a home I hope).  I would have taken a shot of the garage but it is still to messy for public viewing. I will say that I'm happy to get this task almost scratched off our list, a few more nights like this and it should be ready to receive the boxes we have packed that are clogging up our house.

The dreaded task

Sunday, August 1, 2010

365/212 I think he is Amazing

My brother that is! Brent and Heather are just about finished with the summer deck project and it is amazing already. (I will get shots after is is completed)  The roof structure is going to be a screened in gazebo with 4 arched sides.  My brother has the ability to build just about anything and everything (with his wife & daughters help), he definitely got more of our dad's genes than I. 

I think he is Amazing

Here is the other side of the deck and check out the rain collector he made! What a great idea (see I told you he can make anything).

While we were admiring the deck Syd  danced and jumped around under the gazebo roof like she was on stage.
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