Saturday, July 31, 2010

365/211 What a great memory

The girls love it when Hubby gets home and they get to follow him back to our bedroom while he changes out of his work clothes.  While is in the bathroom changing they jump into the bed on my side and pretend they are sleeping.  CJ announces "I'm in your spot mom" They giggle and wiggle around until Hubby is done and ready to eat his dinner and we all troop out to the kitchen together.  This is something I want to remember when they get older and could care less to hang out with their parents.  

What a great memory

Thursday, July 29, 2010

365/210 Almost there

Today we got great news in the early afternoon, the bank called and we can close as early as next week!  That put me into a  packing frenzy and I packed the Wii, surround sound and many other things I thought we might not want to live without in the past.  In the process I realized that I would have nowhere to safely stack these new boxes so I rearranged the living furniture to accommodate the newest stacks and allow us to walk to the couch. (wow that little table looks dustier in the picture:)

 Almost there

Just before I left for the gym tonight, our real estate agent called and gave us bad news. The home owner of the house we about to buy, passed away on Tuesday. The closing date will be up to a probate judge now!  We are saddened for the family, they have now lost both their father and mother a few month  apart. We are also nervous that we might not get  to move in before school will start.  Let's hope that the courts see fit to clear this case from their schedule quickly.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

365/209 Happy Birthday JD

Our first born is 14 today, where has the time gone? He is a typical 14 year old... he does not like going many places with his parents, has more wants than money, and he would eat junk food all day every day if we would let him.  There are certainly times where I'm not sure we'll both survive his teenage years (...there's always military school).

But if you would ask either of our mothers, you'd probably find that he isn't much different than Hubby or I were at this age.

And that's not to say that there aren't any bright spots to his teenage personality.  For the most part, he is very kind and gentle towards his littlest sisters.  He is also very respectful and considerate to his elders (with the exception of his parents).

Despite it all, we wouldn't change a thing.  We're thankful for the 14 years and look forward to many more.  You'll be a good man someday JD. 

Happy Birthday JD

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

365/208 Cutest Chair Thief

Syd has become a chair thief lately.  Every time I turn around this kid is in my office chair.  Her newest love is spinning in it.  If I'm sitting in the chair she will create a diversion of sorts (get into something across the room). When I get up to chase her away from whatever she bolts to my chair and jumps in it.  I believe CJ did this for a spell too.  

Cutest Chair Thief

Monday, July 26, 2010

365/207 Boxes everywhere

No matter where I go in my house I am surrounded by boxes (maybe not the bathrooms - yet, there is still time:)  Possibly I started packing too early? 
These are the 2 large wardrobe boxes I got off Craig list, (Thanks again Heather) they are both loaded and oh so very heavy.  I think we are going to need a dolly to move these into the Uhaul truck and then we have to haul them upstairs to our bedroom at the new house! I think I have post a moving type picture at least every other day but really that is about all I do these days is pack, rearrange boxes and laundry!

Boxes everywhere

Sunday, July 25, 2010

365/206 First hair cut

Today CJ got her very first hair cut!  I know, how many kids have to wait to get their first hair cut until they are 3? All of my girls, their hair just does not grow very fast or very thick! She just got her bangs cut and the rest was shaped a bit, she still does not have much hair to work with.  She was so sweet about it all, when Stacy asked her how she liked it she said "it looks very pretty." 

First hair cut

365/205 Greer Bros. Racing

Saturday was the 1st ever G-Town Runaround - a 5K run/walk put on by the Graveline family with the proceeds going to the Regina Graveline Memorial Scholarship.  It was a well organized race, a nice course, and for a good cause.  It was also the 1st official race for the "Greer Bros. Racing" t-shirts.

The t-shirts started out as a joke made at the Dow run back in June.  My Dad and his brother, Amos, were in business together selling farm equipment under the name "Greer Bros. Implements", starting back in the late 1940's or early 1950's.  The next generation of Greers haven't carried on the same business tradition so informal camaraderie is the closest thing we have.

My brother Michael and I started running together each week during the summer last year and we race together a few times per year so that became the idea behind "Greer Bros. Racing".

To try to stay as true to the tradition as possible, I picked the orange based on the old orange delivery truck that Dad used to have (picture below).  Even the font used on the shirt is an attempt to be as close to the lettering from the truck as possible.

My Dad probably would have hoped for more from his kids than shared t-shirts but I'm betting he still would get a kick out of this.

A couple other notes to add...  

  • Mike beat me by a little more than 20 seconds.  I'm just a small orange blip in the background as he's coming to the finish line.  Normally I finish a little bit ahead of him but I keep it all in perspective - he was a lot faster when he was my age than I am, so I've got a lot of room for improvement.

  • One other member of the "racing team" is not pictured here.  My brother Dan, from CO, doesn't know it yet (unless he reads this blog entry) but I've got a t-shirt on the way to his house.  "Runnin' DAwG", as he prefers to go by, is clearly the fastest member of the informal racing team (50+ years old and still hovering around 6:00 miles for 10Ks).  I'm hoping Michael and I can make the journey to Colorado next year for the BolderBoulder race so we can race together as a "team" at least once in our lives.

  • In the main picture, the guy in the headband is a local guy named Greg.  This was his 1st official race and he did much better than he had expected.  This guy has been an exercising animal over the last couple of years; walking, running, biking, and kayaking his way to fitness.  He's a great example for others to follow.

Friday, July 23, 2010

365/204 No more baking

I was going to hold off on packing any food items until the week of the move but I kept looking in the baking cupboard. I was thinking these items fit my criteria for packing right now; A) we don't use every day and B) won't be needed for the next 30 days.  They are now packed and living on the bar counter just in case but now the cupboard can be  cleaned and check off my list of to do's.  Sadly now every time I walk by I have an urge for chocolate chip cookies so I better pack the mixer before I give in and bake a batch!  

No more baking

365/203 So Similar

Syd was whining at the fridge door wanting a glass of milk. I was on my way to get her a glass when she sort of melted into a whine, I guess I was not moving fast enough for her taste.  She really did not like it when I grabbed the camera to capture this display! 
So Similar

It reminded me of a similar photo of CJ I took last year; whining must run in our family:)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

365/202 The walls are closing in

We pack at least one box a day and it gets stacked in the in the shortest stack available; before long we won't have anymore room to still live here and pack anymore boxes.  I have packed nearly everything that we don't use regular or we won't need in the next 30 days.  The walls are just about empty and the bedroom doors echo when we close them. We don't have a closing date as of yet, just a contract that says we will be closed on or before August 17th.  We are hoping sooner, like next week would be great:)

The walls are closing in

365/201 What's cooking

Tuesday Syd and CJ were eager to watch the popcorn pop in the microwave. It had just started popping which startled CJ.  The simply joys of toddlers! 

What's cooking

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

365/200 Future Vanna White

Monday, thanks to Heather and her love of searching Craig's list and other such sites, my mom and I drove to Midland and picked up FREE moving boxes and packing material.  The lady gave us  the boxes and packing paper in the below photo plus 2 large wardrobe boxes (currently in the bedroom waiting to be filled).  What a great deal!  CJ was more than eager to show them off for the camera, who knows maybe we have a future Vanna White in our midst. 

Future Vanna White

Sunday, July 18, 2010

365/199 Putting the boy to work

Hubby and I spent some time this weekend trimming the brush and trees in our front & back yards, something that we have neglected to do for the last few years. It got too dark last night for JD to haul the trimmings but ((Smile)) we saved them for him to haul this morning! We even cut more this morning before he got up!  He did have fun helping Hubby burn them this afternoon though. 

Putting the boy to work

Saturday, July 17, 2010

365/198 She is getting there

CJ is on a roll again with the potty training.  She is very hot and cold about this subject.  Some days she wants to use her potty every five minutes and other days she avoids it at all costs.  Her newest urge stems from a desire to attend preschool.  I have found a 3 year old program in Midland that is right in the neighborhood that has an opening.  She was very against going to school until MJ told her that she will get to finger paint and play with new friends but the best reason is she has seen the playground from the driveway of our "soon to be home" and wants to play there. We will see if she changes her mind by the end of today.

 She is getting there

365/197 We have a knack

Friday night Hubby mentioned going to the Corner House. Ice cream did not sound good to me as we had just finished pizza and I was stuffed. I guess I nixed the idea but CJ had heard him and keep pestering him about going out.  She loves mint chip but will eat just about flavor you give her.  We gave in (when it comes to ice cream it was not hard) and took them to The Corner House.  We are either lucky or just have a knack for just beating the crowds. Right after Hubby and MJ went into the building 2 Amish driven hay wagons pulled up full of people!  Once they all filed up to the door, the line was down the steps.  I'm glad we gave in quickly to CJ or we would have been waiting for quite a while.
We have a knack

Friday, July 16, 2010

365/196 What a ham

Syd seems to be hamming it up more often lately.  I was carrying my camera around looking for something POD worthy when she ran up and gave me this face.  I just could not resist. What a cutie!
What a ham

Thursday, July 15, 2010

365/195 Boxes are taking over

I have packed everyday this week in my spare time.  I figure we have roughly 5 weeks before we close on the Midland house and I have 10 years and 6 peoples stuff to pack up.  If I don't start now I may never finish!
When I'm not packing, feeding the kids and doing laundry I have been researching schools for the older kids, preschools for CJ and dance classes for MJ and CJ.  We more than likely will move in a week to a few days before school starts.  Talk about hectic.

Boxes are taking over

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

365/194 One tired girl

Syd was one tired girl today.  She had no nap yesterday and got up at 2 this morning and stayed awake.  She keep Hubby and I wake with her.  If she was in her crib she screamed and when she was in our bed she talked and squirmed around so much  we could not sleep for more than a few minutes at a time.  After Hubby and MJ left for their Ortho appointments at 6:30, Syd and I went to the grocery store to get more boxes. By 9 am she was sleeping standing up against the ottoman. She slept like this for about 45 minutes. She then refused to nap and repeated the ottoman sleep again around 5.  She did however sleep the whole night through thankfully.
One tired girl

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

365/193 Vegging out

While I started packing the house up and the we were waiting for Grammie to arrive, the girls vegged on the couch to watch TV, it surprises me how MJ can be so entertained by Nick Jr shows.

 Vegging out

Monday, July 12, 2010

365/192 Rally for Rylie

Sunday we attending the Rally for Rylie.  A ton of people turned out to help support this family and their fight against ovarian cancer.  A local gentlemen made this steel sculpture to auction off at the rally.  It does warm my heart to see this small community come together to provide comfort and support for the Millers.  The sculpture now hangs at Mid-state Rental for all to see and enjoy.

Rally for Rylie

Here is what Lori Miller, Rylie's mom had to say about this art piece in the Caring Bridge Journal, right now is is on the top of page 2 but that will change as she adds more entries.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

365/190 Home inspection

Friday we had the "new" house inspected by American Guardian Homes (989-662-7700).  We spent nearly 5 hours with all the kids at the house while Mr. Wendt looked in every nook and cranny to give us his opinion whether we should proceed with the purchase. (Thank you Brent for referring him to us.) Besides Syd's tumble down the stairs and everyone being hungry, we all enjoyed the time at the house. Hubby's friends, Tate and Lloyd, stopped over while we were there and they gave us their seal of approval.  As well as one of the neighbors (which turns out is the Home inspector's son, talk about a small world) and the lawn service gentlemen stopped over to give us their card (they are willing to continue yard tending for us, image that:)

The POD is of what is going to be the master bath, it seems just slightly bigger than an airplane bath, there is a large low mirror that sits across from the toilet and sink.  Not my ideal bath but it does allow us to be on the same floor as the girls.  The door is cut at an angle, Hubby like this detail.

I did snap a few more shots while we were there:

The entry with its flocked wall paper. The wall paper continues down the hallway. I do like the curved walls. Notice how red Syd's cheeks, they were testing the  furnace and the house was sweltering but it did not stop the kids from running wild.

Here are closer shots of the living room fireplace and paneling.  The wall above the fireplace has grass cloth paper which might be a pain the remove.  There is a  "soffit" that wraps around 2 walls, it contains lights and the curtain track.  I can see that the curtain track will be a problem, the curtains slide so freely and Syd  likes to grab them and run down the wall with them.

This is looking up the stairway. This is the backside of the curved wall in the living/dining room.

All the bedrooms have built in closets and dresser similar to this one in the ship and striped papered room.

The rest of the photos are of the basement areas:

These are the steps that Syd tumbled down, Mr. Wendt caught her at the third step from the bottom.  Talk about scaring the dickens out of us.  She was fine, not a scratch on her, she was just a bit frighten but it did not stop her from wanting to play on the stairs after that.                 

 This is looking down the "hall" into the laundry room.  the first door is the future office area and the second door is the storage closet

There used to be a pool table under the orange lights I can see us removing them and the Brick bench from beside the fireplace.

Here is the laundry room with its burlap covered ceiling which Mr. Wendt suggested we remove as it could be a fire hazard. I will leave that task to Hubby, who knows what creatures have made their homes in the billows of fabric!  It is a very large space, I plan on it holding the extra fridge and freezer and I think I will paint it a bright cheery yellow.

Here is looking inside the pantry closet, these shelves wrap around the entire space. I wonder if I can get wider shelves to fit in here, there narrow ones were great for cans and jars but I think I will need it to hold larger items as well.

Well there you have it; Mr. Wendt thinks it is a good investment and everyone that we talk to says we will love living in Midland, now we just have to convince the older kids of this and start packing.  Wish us luck;)

365/191 One more dance

Saturday MJ danced her last dance as part of the Gail Wildfong School of Dance. She performed 2 dances at the local sidewalk sales. I think she enjoyed herself.  It was very hot and humid and Syd had a melt down so we did not stick around for very long. 
One more dance

Thursday, July 8, 2010

365/189 Out comes the "honey do List"

Now that we know we are moving soon we are scrambling to finish all the things on the "honey do  list"  so we can put our house up for sale (nobody wants to have 2 mortgages in this economy). Today Hubby is tackling the boards above the bay window,  We just never installed them when we sided the house 10 years ago, we figured it was cover from the weather by the large porch overhang.  It took me nearly 3 years before I could not stand to see the particle board and I painted it white so it blended in better.  We still need to paint walls, paint doors & paint trim, wash the siding, replace french door and the list goes on and on.  That does not include the list of to-dos for the pole barn house. And lets not forget packing, packing and more packing.  I'm very exhausted just thinking about it. 

Out comes the "honey do List"

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

365/188 They accepted our offer!


Wow, They have accepted our offer. We are buying a house in the city of Midland! It is a 1950's gem of a house. It has yard space and space inside for us all to roam about without getting under each others skins:) I never thought I would live in a multi-story house but the required bedrooms makes ranches nearly impossible in the city.

Here is how the Realtor explains the house: "Fabulous charming old house near the country club just needs a little updating to make it shine! Features 1 1/2; stories, 5 bedrooms, 3 1/2; baths, formal dining room, 2 wood-burning fireplaces, full partially finished basement, 3-car garage, sprinklers, central air & hot water heat, shed, all on .71 acres !"

They accepted our offer!

Here are the Realtor's photos of our soon to be home. Remember, it was built in the 1950's and needs to be updated and brought into this decade. Most every room is wall papered, I don't have a picture of this but the entry and hall is papered with golden yellow flocked paper:)

Bedroom 2 has orange shag carpet but no wall paper. We believe there to be hardwood floor under the carpet in at least two bedrooms.

Bedroom 3 has bright red carpet and Ship wallpaper on 2 walls and matching striped paper on the other 2 walls with matching curtains.

Bedroom 5 has a small full bath attached, skylights, and built in dresser/closet.

This is the breakfast nook right off the kitchen, I don't recall seeing the light fixture when we toured the house but it might still be there.

This is the formal dining room, the back wall is papered with a tone on tone white paper with hand painting on it. The dark "shadow" is soot from the living room fireplace.

Here is the kitchen, it does not have papered wall but it does have a tiled back splash and carpet on the floor.

The living room has built in shelves and cabinets. Through the decorative cutout section you get a peek of the gold flocked hall way. I so hope there is hardwood under this plush white carpet.

Bedroom 4 has a linoleum floor and no papered walls.

This is Bedroom 1, it has a flowery striped paper on 3 walls and extra large built in closet (with hardwood floor under the carpeting:)

The downstairs bath has a flowery paper above the baby blue tiled walls and blue carpeting. I absolutely love the retro sink.

This is the upstairs bath. It has light yellow tiles and a wild automobile wall paper.

Here is the Realtor's picture of the the front of the house. I think someone pruned the bushes a bit since this photo was taken.

And finally the back of the house with very green grass.

There is also a wonderful finished basement that reminds us of a church basement with its cinder block walls and linoleum flooring. It has a second fireplace and an almost full bath that brings to mind a gas station bathroom (cinder block walls with a small high window). A interesting burlap ceiling in the laundry room that I hope will be explained to me very soon, but the room is large enough to house a scrapping table and shelves. There is also a large pantry closet that I foresee as my scrapbook/crafting closet (right next to the laundry room, very convenient).
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