Wednesday, March 31, 2010

365/89 The boy can see!

Tuesday we picked up JD's glasses! I think they look great on him. He was hoping for the Dr. to tell him he only had to wear them when he reads but he has astigmatism's in both eyes. He didn't even realize how bad his vision was until he put his glasses on and he could see things so much clearer.

The boy can see!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

365/88 Suprise on my camera

I found this little gem of a shot on my camera when I uploaded my photos. I think MJ took it but I'm not sure. I do know that this is Syd's little butt either going in or coming out of the laundry hamper, but why I do not know. It completely trumped the POD that I took for today.

Surprised on my camera

Monday, March 29, 2010

365/87 All packed

Sunday everybody was busy doing something, it was just CJ and I out in the main part of the house and I got a kick out of her imagination. She was driving around in her Cozy Car and just talking up a storm. I thought it was cute that she was tooling around with 3 of Hubby's Coke Zeros sticking out of her trunk.

All Packed

Sunday, March 28, 2010

365/86 LOST

Saturday Hubby and the kids caught up on LOST, we just love our DVR! Syd joined in to avoid sleep that she desperately needed. I used to be on board with the whole LOST thing but frankly after the first season I was too lost to find it amusing anymore. Last year the kids started joining Hubby in trying to figure out the secrets of the island, I hope they have better luck than I.


Friday, March 26, 2010

365/85 scraps have their uses

For the last few days I have prepping more pages for the Boyne crop (33 days to go). I hope I will have enough stuff prepped for the four day crop. I don't like staring at a blank page and getting scrapper block when I have paid to crop. As I prep pages and do some paper trimming, CJ and Syd love to take the scraps and play with them. It usually can keep them busy and out of my supplies for a few hours at best. CJ will stack them, stuff them and stick them in any box, bag or drawer she can find. She will usually pick up each piece of paper as it comes off the trimmer and say "This is mine?" By the second day, these scraps are spread all over the house and Ruby is starting to chew on them so I have to make it a game to get the girls to pick them up and throw them away. CJ fusses about throwing them away until I tell her she can have more the next time I cut, and then she agrees that it is a good idea.

scraps have their uses

365/84 It's 10:30 pm

It is 10:30 pm and this is what is happening in my bedroom; Hubby is working, Ruby is taking up his half of the bed and Syd is back up (oh yes she was asleep by 8 and back up by 9:45 or so) and just hanging out with me while we wait for daddy to finish up and come to bed. Nothing good was Tivoed because Cold Case which taped on Sunday was 50 min late and we only got the first 10 minuted of it, I really hate that when it happens. So Syd and were channel surfing and found History detectives, not bad for a surfing find. I have Tivoed the upcoming episodes for just such nights like tonight.

It's 10:30 pm

Thursday, March 25, 2010

365/83 Track has started

JD has joined the Jr High track team. He is liking it so far. The boys are supposed to try every event out before they get assigned to what they will compete in. JD likes the sprints and thinks he might like long jump. He refuses to try high jump, the lowest setting is above his head and no way does he want to do pole vaulting or hurdles. This afternoon he was with a group of boys at the high jump and he was supposed to be trying it out, but all I saw him do was pick up the bar after another boy knocked it down. This ought to be fun for him and this sport will take him to about 2 weeks from the end of the school year. Wow, it is coming up fast!

Track has started

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

365/82 Easter dresses

Yesterday I had a much overdue lunch with my closest friend, crafting partner and cleaning partner, Anita. For many years we spent 3 days a week together cleaning houses and having a great time doing it. I never liked the cleaning part but I loved hanging out with her, we laughed at so many things while we cleaned. If the clients only knew how much fun we had, they may not have wanted to pay us! Don't get me wrong, we cleaned every house thoroughly, we just had way too much fun doing it! Anyway, since we had the girls I have quit cleaning and Anita and I don't get to hang out very often anymore with our busy schedules. So we ate lunch and did some shopping, I picked up some cute Easter dresses for the girls and today CJ talked me into letting them try them on. So cute! They both were very upset to have to take them off, I would say it was a good buy! Now lets hope it is warm enough for them to wear them on Easter!

Easter dresses

BTW, Anita let's not wait so long before we do lunch again, I had a really great time.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

365/81 guilty

Oh Ruby. She should look oh so guilty but I'm afraid she is just trying desperately to get the peanut butter from the roof of her mouth! JD was making a peanut butter sandwich and he uses a lot of peanut butter, he turned to do something and Ruby grabbed his sandwich and gulped it down. I really felt sorry for her as she tried to get all that peanut butter down. I afraid though that she will not learn a lesson for this. The grab and go is her MO, she takes ever opportunity to steal food from the kids, she has even stole Hubby's waffles off the table when he was closing the door from letting her in from outside! Boy was he hopping mad at her!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

365/80 Coming through

CJ has become quite the driver. In her little Cozy Car she can speed around the dining room table, chase the dogs and best of all, lay on the horn when something gets in her way. She was beeping the horn today because she was waiting too long. I'm afraid she got that one from me, I tend to toot the horn at JD, he seems to be the last one of the house every time we need to be somewhere so I give him a few blast of the horn, I do fact know that it does nothing to hurry him up but in a way it does make me feel a bit better:)

Coming through

365/79 Busy

CJ has been spending a lot of time lately sitting in her highchair scribbling and just fiddling with her little treasures. She climbs up by herself and asks for her tray. I'm amazed that she can stay focused for so long. Yesterday she was drawing with a colored pencil for nearly 2 hours before she tired of it and asked to get down. Every time I walk by I will draw a shape or her name. I think it is a place she can go, be close to the action but away from Syd.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

365/78 Sleeping peacefully

Syd has been sleeping with us more often than I like. Hubby say it is just her turn, CJ did the same thing at this age. I don't mind her sleeping with us, just the kicking and climbing on me she does. Seeing pictures like this it is hard for me to wish anything else, they are only this small for a short time. Before too long my baby will not want to cuddle anymore. I love her tummy peeking out from her monkey jammies.

Sleeping peacefully

Friday, March 19, 2010

365/77 Her hair

Syd hair has taken on a mind of it's own! She is getting curls everywhere. Her hair the the back has been curly for some time but now the sides and the top are just flipping all over! I don't know if the curls will hold up as her hair gets longer, as with all my girls, her hair is very fine. But for right now, it is just adorable how her hair curls here and there.

Her hair

365/76 Pirate girl

Syd is getting right into playing dress up. She is loving wear kerchiefs on her head, wrapping blankets around her waist and wear all sorts of dance costumes from MJ's past recitals. Surprisingly she will leave these item on most of the day and have us retie them repeatedly. She is really coming into her personality.

Pirate girl

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Look what fell out of our paper

Hubby was reading our local newspaper when he saw this ad flier. He was pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face! Donna is the mother of some good friends he's had since high school. We just wanted her to know we are very happy for her and her family and wow, she is looking great!"

365/75 Signs of spring

This week has been unusually warm for March in Michigan, we have been wearing sweaters instead of coats! My tulips are starting to break through. I heard rumor of snow on Friday so I won't hold me breath that this warm weather will last but we are enjoying it while we can.

Signs of spring

Monday, March 15, 2010

365/74 Ballerina

MJ has finally moved up to wrapped skirts! Her elastic one will need to be handed down the cousin Lu Bean. They were so short that they were not doing their job of covering up and looked like they were hurting her waist. I have suggested in the past that she needed new skirts but she was reluctant to go to wrap skirts, which is the next step, I think the tie scared her off. I enticed her with this one, you can't tell in the picture but is  an iridescent purple and it shimmers when she moves. I knew she couldn't resist it, purple is her favorite color next to yellow.


365/73 Today it's a car

Sunday the older kids and I went to see our friend Stacy to get our much needed hair whacked. While we were away Hubby snapped this photo of the girls in "The Box" but today it was a car that they drove to see Grandma in! What a great toy!

Today it's a car

Sunday, March 14, 2010

365/72 Movie time

Saturday after MJ finished with cheer she and JD settled in for an afternoon of movie watching, I think first up was Marley and Me, then Inkheart and throw in Twilight for the umteenth time and you get zoned kids. I don't even think she knew I took this picture!

Movie time

Saturday, March 13, 2010

365/71 The box

The girls have found this box more fun to play with than most of their toys. When I asked CJ what it was, because of her active imagination, I expected her to say a boat or something like that but no she said "a box, I sitting in a box" So today it just a box on a couch but what will it be tomorrow?

The box

Friday, March 12, 2010

365/70 Office hours

Hubby loves his bedroom office, he can get more work done. I love his new bedroom office because he can work from home and not stay at work all hours of the night. BUT there needs to be limits as it is in our bedroom and it is very hard for me to sleep when the light is on and he is clicking and klacking on the keyboard, not to mention the cricket chirp that SAP does when he completes a task. To make matter worse Syd has been getting up multiple times at night (not sure what is going on with that) and CJ is getting up early, between 5:30 and 6. I have to get the kids up for school at 6:30, so staying up past 11 every night is not working out so well and I'm getting very cranky in the mornings. So today I made a sign and placed it on his monitor so he could not miss it. (Thank you dear for understanding and shutting down early tonight it was almost the best sleep I've had in a long time, certainly the most sleep I have had in awhile.)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

365/69 Ribbit

Little Miss Syd is modeling her newest spring outfit. Between this one and the other blue poke-a-dot outfit she just got, she would wear them everyday if she could. I think she is loving the short sleeves and the cute frog is a draw too. Check out her hair, it is fairly tame today but the curls are starting to take over is head. So far out if the four kids she is the one with the curliest hair too far.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

365/68 Reading Challenge

MJ teacher has challenged her students to read more than she does this month. She is an avid reader so it should spur on her students for sure. MJ has taken the challenge on with gusto, though she really does not need a reward to read but she is bound and determined to win this. So far she has read more than 16 hours but another student has read near 18 hours so she is stepping up her reading. She is carrying multiply books and a timer with her everywhere and reads every spare second she can, she has even let her room get messy! Oh, the reward is a Big Kids meal from Mickey D's.

Reading Challenge

Monday, March 8, 2010

365/67 Card in the mail

I opened the mailbox today to find a card form my scrapbooking pals, Maria, Jackie, Lucy and Jamie. They were congratulating me on the layout being in the magazine. Thanks guys, it brought a smile to my face! Can't wait for Boyne, only 51 days!

Card in the mail

Sunday, March 7, 2010

365/66 Running hills

Sunday Hubby ran hills. He is trying to strengthen one if his weakness. He ran from our house over to the Corner House (our favorite summer spot), where he ran up and down Riley hill. I picked him up at the Corner House, I snapped this photo as he was doing his cool down. His calfs are smarting a bit but that just means he is working out a new muscle group. He has a race this Saturday and at the start of the race is a long hill so we will see if he has ran enough hills before the race to make it easier.

Running hills

365/65 energetic girl

Saturday we had dinner over to Hubby's moms and CJ was just so full of energy. She was running and jumping all over the place. Not to mention all the veggies and fruits she kept eating, I could not believe how much she ate, she normally eats like a bird. Maybe she is hitting another growth spurt, she has grown a full inch since January! We are moving up to 4T clothes for the length in the pants but the waist is too big. She has not gain much weight, maybe just 2 lbs since her last doctors visit, she is just stretching up and up.

energetic girl

Saturday, March 6, 2010

365/64 Assisted Jumping

Friday MJ was playing around with the girls. Syd just loves it when MJ does her assisted jumping with them. She just keeps going back for more. It sure is nice to have the older kids play and occupy the girls when Hubby and I need to get things done.

Assisted Jumping

Friday, March 5, 2010

365/63 Art in the Hall

Thursday I snapped pictures of MJ's art that she has brought home in the last few weeks. She really enjoys art class, check out the glitter on the bottom, Aunt Heather would be proud!

Art in the Hall

Thursday, March 4, 2010

365/62 Research

Wednesday MJ was doing research on a report of the digestive system for class. I'm thinking the internet would have made report writing much easier back in the day not to mention typing it up and sending to the printer!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

365/61 Sunny day

Tuesday the dogs were loving the sunshine on the back deck. It was not that warm but it look good from inside the house:) It was the first day in long time that they did not want to come right back in after their business was done.

Sunny day

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

365/60 I'm going to get you

Monday the girls and I spent the morning shopping with Grammy. While shopping we stopped at Kohls and they had a couple spring clearance items that I could not pass up for the girls. Carter's over sized shirts and leggings. Syd was so funny when I put it on her, she kept touching her bare arms and poking her belly and laughing. I took that to mean she liked the outfit. While we were shopping she was sitting in the cart with her coat on and she kept opening the coat to see the shirt and closing it with a giggle. Later in the evening she was fussing so picked her up and was getting her pok-a-dots, which made her forget what she fussing about in the first place. I wondering if she will have the same reaction to this outfit the next time she wears it.

I'm going to get you

Monday, March 1, 2010

365/59 A surprise gem

Sunday I was trying to get CJ to pose for a picture, she was wearing the hot pink tutu and she looked just adorable. She was not in mood and was less cooperative. She would dance around with MJ and be laughing and smiling, as soon as she would see the camera she would freeze and pout. I was getting a little frustrated but I kept snapping. I figured it was a bust and the shots would be deleted. When I downloaded them to my laptop I was surprised to see this little gem of a photo. She is not smiling but I just love it. Lesson learned: just keep shooting even if the subject is less than cooperative you can always delete or you just might get a gem.

A surprise gem
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