Friday, December 31, 2010

365/364 New Years Eve party

New location, new traditions…Our normal New Years Eve tradition is to sit around the house, waiting for the ball to drop in Times Square on CNN (see last year’s post of CJ and hubby reading magazines).  This year was going to be different.  We have some good friends that invited us to their house for a Halloween gathering and we decided that News Years would be our opportunity to reciprocate.  All together, we had 4 families, including our own, that gathered for some good games (Dominoes!), cards, and conversation.  The kids (all 11 of them) enjoyed their own festivities playing games in the basement.  A good time was had by all, except the littlest ones didn’t quite make it to midnight.  The picture below is of our friends youngest (“C”) all nestled in under hubby’s “Nuggie” that his Mom made for him when he was just a boy.  Thanks to everyone for sharing their holiday with us.


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