Sunday, December 26, 2010

365/359 Happy Birthday to me

Today I turned 30 somethingSmile I had a wonderful time shopping with my mom. We go Christmas clearance shopping nearly every year. After shopping I started taking down the tree. I laid out the Hallmark ornaments on the table and put them back in their boxes. JD wanted to hear his Darth Vader ornament one last time before it was wrapped up. I think I like putting them away as much as I like getting the ornaments out. All that is left is to haul it all downstairs in the next few days.


While I was getting ready for my mom to pick me up Hubby was on the phone with a friend, talking Fantasy Football, and I heard him sneeze. Then I heard him say something about bumping his head when he sneezed. A few minutes later I heard him say he was bleeding! I came downstairs to see this….


He was sitting at his computer and turned his head to sneeze and smacked his forehead on the back of the chair next to him.


It looked much better when we wiped the blood way


In case you could not tell from the previous photos he continued to talk with his friend on the phone. I stuck a temporary band-aid on the stop the bleeding. He definitely looked a bit silly. He might have a scar from this one though.

Hubby note: Moe won't fess up to this but she gets a chuckle out of every time I get a bump or bruise (as long as its not serious). When she heard me say I hit my head, she started laughing even before she saw it. It all goes back to one of our earliest projects just after we were first married. I was hammering a wall apart and one of the short studs fell down and bonked me on the noggin'. She enjoyed that thoroughly and has taken enjoyment from every moment of pain/misery I've had since then. True love.

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