Saturday, December 25, 2010

365/358 Favorite gift

We all slept in this morning, we did not open gifts until 9ish.  The older kids were waiting patiently on the couch for the girls to wake up. They were just looking at the wrapped presents trying to figure who’s were who’s. I don’t label them, each child gets a certain paper and only I know which wrapping belongs to each child. {none of JDs or MJ’s presents were under the tree though, they had to go a scavenger hunt for their presents} 

Santa brought the girls a hippo and a monkey tent which were not wrapped. When we brought them downstairs the tents were the first thing they saw and in they went.  I did not think they were going to come out to open gifts.  As soon as the gifts were opened CJ hauled all the new toys into her tent and played in there for hours.  She even slept in it for a nap and at bedtime.  I would have to say it is the favorite gift of this year.


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