Friday, December 24, 2010

365/357 Merry Christmas Eve

Every year we get a shot of all the grandkids just before they get to open their gifts.  It is hard to wrangle  all 9 of them to sit and smile at 4 cameras all while they just can’t wait to rip open the gifts.  Syd wanted nothing to do with sitting there and MJ had the hardest time holding her in place. Lu was feeling a bit under the weather and just wanted to lay down and  CJ could not stop picking her lip.  The rest of them were blinded by camera flash and doing their best to keep smiling through all the yelling “hey look over here- smile” As they all get older it might get easier {finger are crossed}
It was a wonderful time laughing with loved ones and carrying on. It is great spending the holidays together. Thank you all for everything you are to me.  Moe
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