Monday, December 20, 2010

365/353 Delays

We found out  last week that Syd’s surgery will be delayed a month.  The doctor has been called in to assist another doctor for brain surgery.  Our doctor is also off right now with a back problem and he is hoping to not need surgery to fix it. {us too}  We got rescheduled for Mid-February with a very small chance of being called in earlier if there is an opening.

This morning as I was rushing around trying to get myself and the girls ready for the Speech Therapist to arrive  the phone rang. The Speech Therapist is home sick today and won’t be able to come.  The receptionist does not know if she will reschedule this week or not.  I think not as school closes on Wednesday and the ESA follows the school’s schedule.   So Syd has been in speech therapy for 3 weeks and has only seen the speech therapist once so far. None of which if the Speech Therapist’s fault just how it has happened.

I am trying to look hard for a deeper meaning for the delays but I just can’t see how they are benefiting Syd.  In the grand scheme of life these small delays are nothing to sneeze at and I should just not worry about them, right? 


The girls were dancing to Christmas music; they are happy girls today.

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