Wednesday, December 15, 2010

365/348 Feeling the holiday pressure

I’m feeling the pressure today. My mind was feeling scattered at my to list and the deadlines looming.  I started putting my “projects” on the dining room table to helping me get a grip on reality.  I stopped at 4; they will surely take me the rest of the week to finish.


My list looks like this:

  • Hem & hang more curtain panels{since removing the old ones we live in a fish bowl}
  • Finish filling 12 containers of goodies for neighbors, friends & teachers {under estimated just how many bon bons the family would consume! I need to make another batch}
  • Send out the 70 or so Christmas cards {labels are printed & the envelopes are stuffed but need to put them together}
  • Fix the “W” from my “Snow” letters {someone slammed the basement door and it fell and broke}
  • Wrap presents that I have {still need to shop for my 4 kids yet-where has the time gone}
  • Pay bills {they don’t stop for the holidays, darn it}
  • Paint the “blue” bath
  • Hang the wreath & put up outdoor lights {it has been too cold, maybe I will just skip it this year}

And still do all the normal daily stuff {the never ending laundry, feed the family, dishes, keep the house semi-tidy, shuttling kids to and fro, sleep} Plus CJ is in full blown potty training mode.  Some days are great but today she soaked the carpet 3 times and it is not even noon yet!  I have a dog with a limp tail & she whines if it gets touched.  Is it “broke”?  I’m not sure but I’m dreading hauling her to the Vet to find out. The older kids are anxious for the dog to get better/fixed which adds to my stress.   Oh and Hubby wants me to do all the above without breaking the bank.  I want to just get through this years without being crabby, so far today I have failed at that.  Maybe some bon bons will help with thatWinking smile

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