Monday, December 13, 2010

365/346 My surprise

After I got back from my moms last night I got a surprise Christmas gift from Hubby.  I sort of ruined his surprise a bit though… 

When I walked in the house CJ was anxiously trying to hand me a small tin and telling me she had a surprise for me.  Well, she  does this often; sticking small trinkets in containers and offering them as presents.  So I did not think much of it. 

As I was getting my coat and boots off she kept trying to give me the tin all well everybody was talking over each; Hubby was trying to convince the kids to help him shovel the driveway {typical in our house}.

I finally took the box to get her to stop pestering me about it.  It was heavier than I expected but did not think much of it.

I opened it and said “Oh look, it is MJ’s Itouch” and set on the counter and walked away.  I was thinking why does she have MJ’s Itouch but did not stop to inquire further.

CJ followed me down the hall and I helped her go potty, then walked into the living room to see Syd.  There was toys all over the place so I started picking them up. 

All the while Hubby and the older kids stayed in the kitchen.  Hubby said the phone is ringing repeatedly and I did hear a unusually sound but assumed it was MJ’s Itouch alerting her to something or a game. 

I was chatting away to CJ and Syd and not paying much attention to what was going on in the kitchen.

Finally Hubby said “Moe, are you coming in here anytime soon?” 

I thought, why does he want me in in the kitchen so badly.

When I walked back in the kitchen MJ held up her Itouch and pointed to the tin  on the counter.

I felt silly for not getting it sooner.  I babbled something like- “Who gives a 3 year an Iphone in a tin? Why would I ever think CJ would have an Iphone! Where is the box and the stuff that comes it in? It is not Christmas Yet.”

I finally thanked him and gave him a smooch.  He likes to catch me off guard when he surprises me. And it usually runs smoother than this one did.


I officially made it my phone today and it now has my number and not the home phone number. I also ordered a case, screen protectors and downloaded apps.  I will never get my to do list done in time for Christmas if I keep playing with the darn thing!

Thank you again Hubby, I love it!

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