Sunday, December 12, 2010

365/345 The places he can fit

Today I was my brother’s “sou chef” of construction. He was installing a counter over moms washer and dryer, hanging cupboards and put drawers under the washer and dryer.  Mom’s washer and dryer has always been in a closet in the kitchen but since getting the front loads the doors could no longer close.  It has always been a tight fit but now with the larger appliance it is super tight.  To hook up the dryer vent and plug it in Brent had to get in behind the dryer.  Now he is over 6’ with long arms and legs {monkey arms & stilts} I told him he was not  getting out of there and we did have to remove the counter so he could get out.  We had a ball with this project.


IMG_1341Us cutting in the cold basement


I got the biggest laugh at mom under the counter top. The counter is just about at her chin



Another shot of Brent getting out.

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