Sunday, December 5, 2010

365/338 Done & Done

We did it!  We painted the stairway and upstairs hallway as planned today! It always surprises me when we get something done as planned around here.  There always seems to be something that stands in our way; usually the something's have the names of my childrenSmile 

Hubby really came through for me on this project, he did all the ladder painting.  I figured with my track record on these steps I should not chance it. It did not take as long I had expected it would, the clean up took some time though.  I think we are done painting for a bit.  I have started testing colors in the blue bathroom and my daughter tells me that I can’t leave it like that for very long because it looks messy.  Maybe that will be done the week between Christmas and New Years??

Sorry for the picture I took of the project.  I thought MJ had the POD covered today as she shot some photos while we worked but this is what I got when I downloaded my camera….
meg pod shots copy

When I asked her what she was thinking she said that she thought she got a good picture of the roller in action.  I had to laugh at that.  She did however  get this great shot of the girls while we were painting…


So thank you MJ for taking photos today.
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