Sunday, November 28, 2010

365/331 Holiday tradition

As promised this morning we decorated our tree.  CJ would not let me forget that, she was eager to hang her Cinderella ornament.  After she hung it oh so carefully, I moved it up high so little fingers would not pull it off every 5 minutes.  This year she got 2 Hallmark ornaments; one she picked, Cinderella and the other I picked, the Fisher Price school house.
Here are the rest of kids ornaments for this year:
MJ- Surrounded by Love
JD- 1964 Pontiac GTO
Syd- A World of Joy
The rest of the holiday decor will have to wait until I finish painting.  Hopefully this coming week; Hubby is off on vacation to get the insulation completed but maybe I can wrangle some painting time in there as well.  We'll seeSmile
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