Friday, November 26, 2010

365/329 Houston we have a problem

After 3 coats of paint, yes 3, I think I’m finally done painting the ceiling! I started the last coat today at 2:10; after staying up ‘til after midnight and getting up early to hit the stores with my mom. I just had to get this ceiling done once and for all! It went smoothly enough that I was finished about 5 ish and I painted the walls (yeah!)

I was nearly finished with the walls when I noticed a section of ceiling had a few wet patches still and some bubbling! The rest of the ceiling was dry but after 3 hours this section was still damp. Hubby did some investigating after I showed him and explained to him that this was also the same area that I had to scrape loose paint off before I could paint. It lines up with the upstairs outer wall. We are guessing that it is the cold weather & a heated house that is creating condensation in the upstairs ceiling. Add in wet paint and you get this.


I guess the ceiling is not done yet!

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