Monday, November 22, 2010

365/325 Finally I can paint

I have wanted to paint this house since the day we purchased it. First we had wallpaper to remove on two of the living room/dining room walls, some soot to deal with and last, but not least, a chaotic daily life to maintain. So ahh, I have started to paint! This is not the fun part though, it is the primer & stain blocker coat. It took me 2 showers to remove all the paint from my hair, next coat I’ll wear something to protect my head!

The plan is to paint the ceiling in the living/dining room first then the walls so I can put up my Christmas tree. Then the hall/entryway ceiling and walls, and finally the stairway and upstairs hallway. I would hope to also squeeze in the blue bath but that might be pushing it to get it all done before Christmas.


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