Friday, November 19, 2010

365/322 What a deal!

Heather told me about this great table at Pier 1. It was just what I was looking for; a long rectangle table that could fit 8 and it was ON SALE. I dragged Hubby to the store a few days ago to see it and he liked it as well. But he didn't like the total cost of the table and 8 chairs. The sales lady told us that if we signed up for a Pier 1 credit card we would get 20% off our next purchase. The catch was the coupon would take 6 weeks to get here and the table and chairs would no longer be on sale. I left the store bummed.


Hubby thought I should call Pier 1 customer service and see what they would be willing to do to get us to spend our money with their company. I called and they could not do anything but she said that the store manager might be willing to do something for us.

All I wanted was the 20% off the table and chairs now before they went off sale. I thought it was a long shot but I called anyway. The store manager was very nice but said she needed the coupon to mail into the home office so I would have to wait the 6 weeks for it to arrive in the mail. We were wrapping up the conversation when she apologized again for not being able to help me and I said “what if I promised to bring the coupon in as soon as it arrives in my mailbox and not use for anything else in your store” She sighed and said “You drive a hard bargain, I’ll give you the 20% off right now.”

As soon as the kids got off the bus I drove up and purchased it before she could change her mind. I didn’t realize how good of a deal we were getting until after she rang it up 3 times and the coupon code would not work. One of the other sales ladies said, “that is funny, that code should work, unless the items are on sale.” OH NO I thought. She frowned and I thought it was over, no deal! She and the other sales associate put their heads together and talked about another code they could use. She punched a few more keys and printed the receipt for me to sign.

She had given me to discount even though the items were on sale! I suspect she gave me an employee discount but I’m not sure.

Thank you Mary, Manager of Pier 1 in Midland, I will be bringing the coupon in wrapped in a bow as soon as I get it.

Brent hauled the table home for us in his 1/2 truck as he calls it. I will get the other 7 chairs in a few weeks. It looks great, now I can’t wait until we replace the carpet and we can eat at the table.

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