Thursday, November 18, 2010

365/321 Sick kid

The girls and I were in basement, they were playing and I was unpacking my scrapbooking supplies when I got a phone call from MJ.  She was crying and wanted to come home because she was getting a migraine. She has not had a migraine in months. 

After we got her home  she decided the best place to take a nap was my bed; less light and less noise.  She was not even laying down for 30 minutes when sat up and vomited over the side of my bed onto the cream carpeting.  UGH what a mess. 

This is the first time she has gotten nauseous with a migraine.  She felt so bad for vomiting on my floor she decided to take the rest of her nap on the bathroom floor. 

By 6 she was starving and gobbled a huge plate of spaghetti. Kids are very resilient creatures.


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