Sunday, November 14, 2010

365/317 what a sight

Heather and I left the crop early, JD is  running at districts today.  I pulled in the driveway at 1 am and found CJ sleeping with MJ.  What a sight, they were sound asleep, squeezed into a twin bed sharing the pillow.  Hubby said CJ went to bed with MJ about 10 pm and never wander out of the bed once.  (Maybe it is time to get her a big girl bed.)  MJ said she does not what to do this again because CJ kicked her all night. CJ on the other hand wants to do it every night.


JD did not fair so well at districts he was 13th out of 18.  He was not prepared for the cold weather and ran in his sweatshirt, against his uncle’s advice. He was disappointed but will continue to run with his coach as the other kids train the the Nationals in Florida.

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