Wednesday, November 10, 2010

365/313 All A’s!

Today was report card day!  JD brought home  pretty good grades; A’s, B’s and 1 C.  His Math teacher has even suggested that he move up to pre-algebra as soon as possible. Great job JD!

MJ brought home all A’s; that is only straight A’s, no A-‘s.  I only tell you that because it is a very big distinction around here. She earned herself a hefty bonus of cash for this great feat; $100.00.

Some people wonder why we pay for grades. It started a while back as a way to incent JD as he was always money hungry, but not always willing to work. His grades were so erratic that we figured if we paid higher dollar for top grades he would want to get better grades to earn more cash.

It’s a sliding scale with top grades getting more money, no pay for anything lower than a B- and a bonus for all A’s.  Hubby is a stickler for accuracy so an A- doesn’t count as an A.

However, we could not offer it to just JD or that wouldn’t be fair.  But MJ needs no incentives to do her best and she just keeps earning more money then him.  This is her second time earning the all A’s bonus. As this pay scale has not really given JD the incentive we thought it would, we have decided to suspend this for the next few report cards and see what happens.  MJ was a bit bummed but when I asked her if she only worked hard for the A’s to get the money, she said “NO and I will get A’s next time even if I don’t get paid.”  That’s my girl!


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