Tuesday, November 9, 2010

365/311 It is a start & 365/312 This make 2

I bit the bullet and started painting the stair risers. I careful papered and taped the treads and wall which took me over an hour; that surprised me.  I put the first coat on and am letting it dry overnight.  I cautioned everyone to be careful on the stairs because of the paper, I did not want anyone slipping on the stairs or kicking the damp risers.

110810It is a start

All went well for the evening and no one messed up the paint or fell on the stairs.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning and look what happened…


The girls and I were getting ready to leave for Preschool and I was holding Syd’s hand like always.  I was also carry 2 sippies and 2 wet diapers (like always).  I got to the third to the last step and wham I find myself on my butt.  I slipped and pulled Syd down with me, she was not injured but was screaming for 30 minutes after and I banged my left elbow so hard that 12 hours later it is still throbbing and it is missing skin. All I can think is that I was so concerned with Syd getting down safety that I was not watching my steps carefully enough.  I just hope the pain stops soon or I might need to consider if I did something that needs medical attention.

In case you are counting this is my second fall down the stairs, I am tied now with my 2 and 1/2 year; what does that say about me?

The tape and paper came down today. I have some touch up to do and some caulking to fill in the gaps the a 60 year old staircase has.  I think it looks great and will be excellent after the minor things above are completed.

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