Thursday, November 4, 2010

365/307 Too cute to pass up

The kids are cute but I’m talking about the hats!  We we killing time yesterday shopping and came across these hats at Marshall’s.  The sales clerk was just putting them out. CJ wanted to try one on so I let her and I was hooked! We waited around to see if there was another animal so the girls would not have the same hat but Syd was getting antsy and the box seemed to have no bottom to it. 

Syd wore hers most of the day; sometimes she surprises me.  I did not think she would be tolerant of this hat with it’s long braids, not to mention it is a thick hat and we were indoors most all day.  She kept reaching up and playing with the ears. 

I’m just glad they like these hats.

110410Too cute to pass up

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