Wednesday, November 3, 2010

365/305 Looks who’s not sleeping

Surprise!  10:30 at night and this kids is wide awake!  She has had no nap today and has not eaten any candy (not much of a sweet tooth).  Why in the world is she not fast asleep?  She is happily chattering in her crib; that is until I peeked in on her and now she is residing in our bed and playing with my hair.

Syd is our erratic sleeper; some days she can sleep  in late, take a nap and is rubbing her eyes by 7:30 pm. Other days she can wake at 2 am, keep us awake until 5 or 6 and then sleep a couple hours, thumb her nose at a nap and be wide eyed late into the night.  No wonder I still have the dark circles under my eyes like a new mom!

110210Looks who’s not sleeping

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