Saturday, October 30, 2010

365/302 All Dressed to party

We had a Halloween party to attend tonight. Thank you Tate and Michelle for putting this on and required all to wear a costume, it was a fun night.  I think everyone's costumes are self explanatory but JD’s, he was a runner.  He was not in the mood to dress up.

Hubby and JD went to Ann Arbor for a race this morning and JD twisted his ankle and came in last.  Hubby did very well, he came in second in his age group.  I don’t know the time as of yet but will post later on that.

We have agreed to host the New Years eve party here at he house.  I think we have some work to do before the tree and other holiday decor can go up!  Maybe it is just what I needed to get me moving!

103010all dressed to party

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