Monday, October 25, 2010

365/298 She bounces right back

You’d never know it from the smile on her face right now but earlier today, Syd went through the most difficult medical procedure she’s had to face in her young lifetime.  It’s nothing critical but she had to be put under anesthesia early this morning to get her ears cleaned out and checked for fluid. 

The good news – no fluid in her ears so no tubes needed.

The not as good news – her ear canals are soooo narrow (< 2 mm) that the doctor doesn’t have a speculum small enough to clear completely out down to her eardrums.

Next up is a hearing test on Wednesday.  Stay tuned for details.

One other important thing to note is the fantastic service that we receive from the ENT doc, Dr. Roden.  We had heard that he is the best in the area and everything we’ve seen so far makes it seem that way to us as well.  One of the most refreshing things is how personable he is.  He thanks us each time he has a chance to see our daughter and he even called earlier this evening to see how Syd was feeling after today’s procedure.  We very much appreciate how good he is to our family.

102510She bounces right back

By Hubby

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