Tuesday, October 19, 2010

365/292 What a morning!

Hubby’s post…

Somebody (Darth Sydious when she’s cranky) woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Syd is known for having a temper and today she was in rare form.

First, she didn’t want to leave the house and CJ had to go to pre-school.  Then, after a struggle to get her coat on, she was mad that she couldn’t walk out the door immediately.  That’s the picture below.

Mom drove CJ to school instead of walking so that she could take Syd on a calming trip to the grocery store afterward.  However, not everything goes as planned.

Syd had such a screaming fit leaving CJ’s school that Mom took a detour back home instead.

After picking up CJ from school and making the trip to the grocery store, Syd proceeded to have another melt down in the overly crowded grocery store. 

The incident happened in the pasta aisle when Mom wouldn’t give Syd the box of noodles that Syd had picked out as the one she wanted.  In her anger, Syd threw her sippie, which hit CJ in the hand.  The funny part of all this was the finger which was hurt, was CJ’s middle finger.  She proceeded to make her way through the store, showing everyone her hurt middle finger.

Meanwhile, Syd was still screaming her Ariel ear piercing scream the entire team.

To top it all off, with Chloe trying to recover by laying down in the shopping cart, there wasn’t really room for the milk that Mom was there to pick up.

Mom couldn’t get out of the store fast enough.

After lunch and a nap, all was back to normal in Syd’s world.  She was a happy go lucky little girl again.

From hubby’s perspective, this is one of those jokes where you do not have to be there to appreciate it.

101910What a morning

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