Monday, October 11, 2010

365/284 I am loved book

I created a small 2.5” sq. book for Syd last week and just today I got the courage to give it to her.  I had to release the feeling that I did not want anything to happen to it, I did make it  for a 2 yr. old.  I purposely made it very simple with no extra embellishments for that reason alone! 

It is a book of all the people in her life that love her (mainly immediate family, please don’t feel slighted if you don’t appear in this book. I only had 12 pages to use:)  The pictures are printed on canvas so it is very textural for her. It made my heart swell as I watched her page through it over and over again. Now I need to get to work and make CJ one as she keeps stealing Syd’s every time she sees it.

101110I am loved book

syd loved book

I guess I did have reason to be concerned about it getting destroyed;  Ruby chewed on Grandma G’s page.  I will need to remake that page and train the kids to keep the book off the floor.

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