Sunday, October 10, 2010

365/282 Run Run Run

We have had a busy day!  JD ran at Wicke’s park in Saginaw in the early afternoon.  A 2 mile course in 12:54.4 for 13th place, these kids are fast!  And to think JD had a stomach ache and did not want to run.

We had to finish the clean out of the old house, I know it seems we have been doing this for weeks now, but it is finally done.  Just in time too, as we were hauling the last of it to the road the new renter was unloading their first load. I guess we work better at crunch time:) The biggest bonus:  We can finally return Hubby’s mom’s truck and no longer have to play leap frog with our cars in the driveway!

We ended our day at a surprise 40th birthday party for a friend of ours.  We thought we had missed the surprise because we were an hour late but no, the guest of honor arrived even later (thank goodness for small favors).

We arrived home after 10 pm with three asleep kids and one barely holding her eyes open.  It was a good day!

100910 Run Run Run

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