Wednesday, September 29, 2010

365/271 A full day

Today the girls had a full day.  Preschool for CJ in the A.M., lunch with Aunt Heather,  a speech evaluation for Syd in the afternoon (more on that below) and finally Daddy returned from his football trip. I snapped a picture of them while they were waiting for the speech therapist to arrive.
092810A full day
Our little Syd has been the quiet one, for the most part.  When she gets mad, boy does she let us know it with her high pitched screams. But the lack of real words has made us concerned so we have called on our local ESA, Educational Service Agency.  Laurie came to talk with us and assessed the situation. She evaluated Syd’s speech to be what a 12-13 month’s would be (Syd is 27 months). She has recommended speech therapy and asked us to get her hearing checked as she failed the hearing test. She has small ear canals and seems to produce a lot of wax so they could be just clogged.  (MJ had to have surgery to fix this same issue a few years back.)  It is possible that Syd can’t hear very well through all the wax and that has lead to her speech delay.  We will see what the audiologist says.  I will keep you all updated on this matter as we gather information from all the resources that have been opened up to us through the ESA.
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