Tuesday, September 7, 2010

395/250 First day of school

Oh the nerves they must have had walking in those doors this morning!  My heart was in my throat as I watched them walk away from the van. New town, new school, not knowing anyone, I was scared for them.  MJ got a cold sore last night, she must have been stressed out more than she showed.  JD was cool about it but I could tell he had butterflies.

Fast forward to 3:30 and they were a buzz with news about the new classes and MJ talked about new friends, JD claims to have been swarmed by girls (the neighbor girl and her friends) at recess so no buys wanted to get near him :) They have favorite teachers already and seemed eager to return.  

After dinner I found out JD posted this on Facebook

i miss gladwin....it sucks down here... maybe i can move in with grandma g.....?

I was shocked, he seemed to like it when we talked after school. The fickleness of teens.

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