Saturday, September 25, 2010

365/268 Race day and fence posts

JD raced at Delta today.  He finally got to race against his old team but the coaching staff for the Gladwin team has changed. He was a bit bummed not to be able to talk with his old coach.  He raced well and happily came in ahead of his Gladwin peers (his goal). Fleet Feet had a small showing for 8th graders, it was just 2 of them. JD came in 14th and his other team mate came in 12th.  I have no times as of yet, they are not posted on the website. 
He has been complaining about his knees hurting him so a visit to the doctor might be in order.  His Uncle Michael told him he is to young to be having knee troubles.
092510 Race day
Other things happening in our life today:
Brent helped Hubby drill fence post for the second time.  Last weekend they tried with a 2 man auger and got basically nowhere.  Today they had a hydraulic auger but the clay was tougher than we thought and most hole only got drilled at 2 foot or less.  Next course of action is to rent the Prowler, a bobcat type machine with an auger attachment. It has Hydraulic rotation and downward pressure.  I’ll let you know how  that goes.
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