Friday, September 17, 2010

365/260 She is 12 now

Happy Birthday MJ.  She had an eventful day today. Her name was announced at school and a signed was placed on her locker.  She said that so many kids told her happy birthday today, most of them she never met before. (that was a big deal to a newbie to the school).  She visited her doctor, she has a infected toenail. Ingrown but treated with antibiotics only, much to her relief.  She even got her annual flu shot much to her displeasure (moms are so cruel).  And then after opening her birthday present we took her to dinner at Pizza Hut and than watched hot air balloons float across the sky in the mall parking lot with Brent, Heather and Lu.  She enjoyed her day, minus the doctor’s appointment.

091710She is now 12

Her birthday present was not diapers but an purple umbrella (she was complaining just this morning about not have one) and to her surprised we made up the small difference she was lacking and ordered the new Itouch for her.  She has been saving for a refurbished Itouch most all summer and then she found out the new one could take pictures and video and she decided to keep saving for that one instead.

JD is trying to figure out how he can wrangle one from us for Christmas, I told him to get saving and we would see.

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