Tuesday, September 14, 2010

365/257 First day of Preschool

Today was CJ’s first day of Preschool!  She was very nervous about me leaving her there and got very upset about an hour before class started.  As we walked down to the school I talked with her about all the fun thing she was going to get to do but it did not seem to help.  I thought she would never let me leave but once we got there and she seen the My Little Ponies setting out to play with she was fine with me leaving.  She even gave the thumbs up!


Syd on the other hand screamed bloody murder because we would not let her stay!  Hubby was doing his best to control her in the hall and I could hear her in the classroom.  One of the teachers even searched me out to tell that Syd was having a “rough time” Only slightly embarrassing. Syd cried all the way back home and then laid on the hall floor at home and just howled!  She cried until I plopped her in the van to take a trip to Lowe’s.  Let’s hope the next time goes better for Syd.


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