Monday, September 13, 2010

365/256 I can’t believe it!

I fell down the stairs!  (Stop laughing Brent)  I put the girls down for the night and was walking down. I was on the second step from the top when my socked foot slipped off the front edge of the step and down I went.  I cracked the side of my head, my left hip and my left forearm on the stair treads as I slide down.  Thank goodness the stairs do a 90 degree turn or I would have kept going.  The older kids came running to see if I broke anything and then ran down to Hubby’s office to get him.  Hubby helped me up and then started to lecture me on stair safety (I know, I know but I was not messing around just walking down:) 

MJ snapped the POD just as I was whining about my forearm.  I suspect that I will have a nasty bruise on my arm and hip tomorrow but tonight my head is throbbing more than anything else.  Hubby is thinking I might have cracked the bone in my forearm but I think I will wait until morning to see how it feels so far I can move it and put pressure on it but it is slightly swollen and hurts like the devil.

091310I can’t believe it!

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