Monday, September 6, 2010

365/249 Loving the new Dishwasher

*Sigh* Dishwasher love.  Hubby and I bought a dishwasher tonight.  The one that came with the house was old and loud and the one we brought with us to replace it leaked after we installed it (water poured out the door!)  So off the HD and Lowe's we went.  We bought Frigidaire 2433 from Lowe's, (we got to bring it home, no waiting on delivery, $50 MI Rebate for Energy star saving and until the 8th Lowe's is offering 18 month same as cash)  This thing is really quiet and sleek, the buttons are on the top of the door.  Is it sad that I get so excited about appliances?  

Loving the new Dishwasher

Heather, you should get one too I just love it!  Oh, I found a Frog princess towel for CJ tonight at Wally world.
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