Monday, September 6, 2010

365/248 Fish Fry 2010

Yesterday my folks had their annual Fish Fry.  As always it is  great to hang out with my family and loved ones.  

The highlight photo (POD) is the result of my nephew, R3, dropping a glob of wet silly string down Uncle Brent's back.  Brent proceeded to chase him down and unload a can of silly string on him.  Sadly I did not get video of the chase and crash but it was a spectacular, acrobatic trip and cartwheel by the pair of them.  R3 tripped into the ditch and Brent was so close to catching him, he did a flip to avoid running over the tumbling  R3.  The poor boy was covered in a healthy dose of sand burrs.  I asked him how he tripped and he told me "I fell on purpose because last year Uncle Brent threw me in the ditch across the road when he caught me."  Uncle Brent is a good sport and takes a great deal of playful abuse from all the nieces and nephews, but he does give as good as he gets.

Here are more shots of the Fish Fry for your viewing pleasure:) 

I caught JD working before the Fish Fry started.

 I love this photo of CJ that Aunt Heather took

I thought this was a sweet photo of Mike and Carissa

The favorite spot is the swing, but I caught Brent and Heather off guard

Syd had a monopoly on the leis

And last but not least my favorite shot of the day:  
MJ was squeezing a water balloon while talking with Uncle Brent and it popped and water sprayed on Brent, completely surprising him.
But my favorite part of the photo is my mom laughing, I love to see her laugh, surprisingly it reminds me of my dad.
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