Thursday, September 2, 2010

365/244 an exciting night

We had a bit of excitement last night.  The neighbor across the street had a very large branch fall and it brought down the power line in front of our house and blocked the road.  We did not lose power but the house kitty corner from us did.  The girls were thrilled to see the fire truck with its flashing lights sitting out in front the house.  I could barely get them in bed.  The activity in front of our house went on until about 2 am.  The tree removal truck came in first and cut the branch down and cleared the road and then 3 Consumer's truck parked out front and the workers ran new lines.  Because of the dogs we were painfully aware of most every movement the workers made.  The dogs thought it was their duty to let us know that there was something going on our front even after we went to bed. 

An exciting night
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