Wednesday, September 1, 2010

365/243 Horse play

Just before bed we got silly.  We also got loud and Hubby came upstairs from his office to let us know about it.  There are sometimes when you just got to be silly and laugh out loud.
I wonder if moments like this makes JD regret that earlier in the evening he yelled to me that he wants to live with uncle Brent because we have to many rules.  I know it makes regret my come back to him, "Call him up, I'll help ya pack!"  Ugh, I can only tell my mom I'M SO SORRY and you were right I would have one just like me.

 Horse play

On a completely different note:  Notice I'm making progress with the flocked paper removal. I take down about one panel a day and scrub off the paste, only 5.25 panels left.  MJ has been a great help with the scraping and scrubbing.
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